Trailer Tent Brochures

On this page you can download the latest Trailer Tent Brochures or see further down the page for older brochures if you're looking for information on second hand models. If you'd prefer you can also request brochures be posted to you by following the link to Request Posted Brochures.

If you're looking for parts diagrams or instructions please visit our Trailer Tent Reference page.

Trailer Tent Brochures
Camp-let 2018 trailer tent brochure download Camp-let 2018 Trailer Tent Brochure
Camp-let Trailer Tents are built on a compact, lightweight trailer and have a simple pram hood design which ensures they can be easily towed by small cars and manoeuvred and erected single handed by almost anyone. Camp-let demonstrates a commitment to quality which ensures they last 2 to 3 times as long as others.
Download Camp-let Brochure

Camplair budget trailer tents made by Trigano Camplair S Trailer Tent Brochure
The Trailer Tents of Camplair have changed a lot since the 70s and now offer campers the comfort and look they desire today. The new Camplair S is the most affordable Trailer Tent on the market. With high quality standards and a simpler erecting process the Camplair S really stands out.
Download Camplair Brochure

Campmaster Inflatable Trailer Tent Campmaster Air Trailer Tent Brochure
Designed from the start with ease and comfort in mind, the Campmaster Air is intended to open the joys of Trailer Tent camping to a new group of people. Combining the ease and simplicity of an inflatable tent with an ultra-compact, lightweight trailer.
Download Campmaster Air Brochure

Trekky Trailer Tent Trekky Trailer Tent Brochure
The revolutionary Trekky Camper is a lightweight, uniquely designed trailer which will fulfil your camping needs for many years to come.
Download Trekky Brochure

Trigano trailer tent brochure download Trigano 2019 Trailer Tent Brochure
A long life expectancy whatever the climate is a priority in the specifications of the design of all Trigano products. There are 4 models in the Trigano range using different designs and styles so there is something to cater for each family size and camping style.
Download Trigano Brochure

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OZTrail trailer tent brochure download OZTrail 2017 Trailer Tent Brochure
A robust Aluminium trailer that can be used all year round with a detachable folding tent unit complete with an off-the-ground bed and thermally insulated living area offering an incomparably high level of comfort.
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Trigano Brochures

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