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Camp-let Erecting Summary

To help remind you how to pitch your Camp-let read this step by step guide.

To help you remember what to do on the Campsite go here and get a printable guide to take with you.

for more detailed instructions on seeting up the Camp-let see the video.

  1. Level trailer body and wind down corner steadies
  2. Unlock and swing open kitchen unit and stabilise with leg stand
  3. Fit removable bed legs to luggage rack on lid
  4. Release both lid latches - Internal latch first followed by external near A-frame
  5. Lift over lid and ensure it is level with main body adjusting bed legs as appropriate
  6. Swing out kitchen side pole (not present on older Camp-lets)
  7. Fit key pole (removable awning pole) to join 2 sides of awning pole assembly
  8. To erect the awning pull the canvas forward - higher lift angle reduces the effort required
  9. Push out telescopic side poles to tension canvas
  10. Fit structural poles (dependent on model and age)
    • Wardrobe bar
    • Roof tension bar
    • Front awning support leg
  11. Fit underbed skirt with poppers and zip to main canvas
  12. Peg out awning according to the order shown by the numbers on the diagram.
    Click for larger image
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