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Trailer Tent Quality

Trailer tent step by step set up
Trailer tent step by step set up
Trailer tent step by step set up
Trailer tent step by step set up
Trailer tent step by step set up


Beware of assuming that all trailer tents and folding campers are identical. Despite similarities in layout, the ultimate quality and design of the product can vary significantly based on the manufacturer. Visit Camperlands to witness firsthand the distinct differences among them. Our knowledgeable sales staff is eager to engage in discussions, offering demonstrations on the pros and cons of leading manufacturers. We're here to highlight both the strengths and weaknesses of each design, ensuring you make an informed decision.


At Camperlands, we distinguish ourselves from other trailer tent dealers by embracing a proactive approach to product demonstration. While some may find it impractical or tiresome, our strict policy prioritizes and celebrates the opportunity to showcase the latest trailer tent designs. Within our indoor displays, we've dedicated specific areas where demonstrations occur regardless of the weather conditions. This commitment allows us to effectively highlight and explain the unique features and distinctions among various brands, including Camp-let, Cabanon, SunnCamp, Trigano, Campmaster, Jamet, Raclet, and many more.


Prior to purchase we are able to demonstrate the vast majority of our second hand stock (some exceptions may apply). On collection ALL second hand units are demonstrated in detail.


The demonstration will provide you with a good understanding of both the setup and packing away processes. Our dedicated sales team is readily available to address any inquiries and alleviate any concerns you may have. Drawing from a wealth of over 100 years of combined sales experience, we share our knowledge, ensuring you confidently select the ideal trailer tent, folding camper, or Camp-let. Making the right choice from the outset is crucial, and we encourage you to invest as much time as needed, armed with a thorough list of questions. Your satisfaction to make the right choice is important to us.


Manufacturers designs differ greatly, some designs provide greater stability than others. Features to look out for include cabin webbing straps, reinforced guying points, cabin and awning bracing poles . These features and more are designed to improve usability, comfort and increase strength and resistance to wind and rain during the rough of camping. See in-store for more details.


While many manufacturers boast about using quality canvas, it's essential to note that they often omit details about the canvas thickness. Canvas thickness, or weight, can vary significantly, ranging from approximately 250 grams to over 350 grams. This factor plays a pivotal role in determining the product's lifespan, influencing its resistance to UV degradation and overall performance in adverse weather conditions. For more comprehensive information, we invite you to visit our store.

Moreover, acrylic material has become increasingly prevalent in trailer tents, folding campers, and Camp-lets, presenting its own set of advantages and drawbacks. Acrylic material boasts a quicker drying time and easier cleaning process. Typically, trailer tents and folding campers made with acrylic material feature a plastic-coated roof, facilitating the removal of tree sap and bird lime. However, it's crucial to acknowledge that acrylic is less breathable compared to cotton canvas, which means cotton offers a cooler climate in hot weather. Both cotton and acrylic can endure up to 30 years with average usage, ensuring comparable quality in that regard.  


The significance of window designs cannot be overstated. While the window designs of awnings generally share similarities among manufacturers, there is considerable variation in the window designs of cabin sections. These designs consist of distinct panels, including mesh panels for ventilation and insect prevention, clear plastic panels for natural light, and solid panels for complete privacy and light seclusion—essential for a restful night's sleep.

It's crucial for potential buyers to pay close attention to these features, as overlooking them may lead to post-purchase disappointment. Additionally, it's worth noting that window designs from different manufacturers vary in size and functionality. Some feature smaller windows with only two panels, while others boast larger designs with three roll-up or unzipping panels. The latter not only allows for increased light and ventilation but also ensures enhanced privacy and protection against varying weather conditions. For a more detailed understanding of these features, we encourage you to explore our in-store displays.


If you compare trailer sizes between manufacturers you will find that some are wider than others, however in general all trailer tents are still narrower than the average family car. Be aware that the length and width of a trailer tent will probably determine the size of the beds you sleep on. So if you decide to purchase a narrow trailer tent, be prepared to find yourself sleeping on a smaller bed than if you had purchased a wider trailer. Remember in general a larger trailer provides larger beds, more comfortable seating and increased luggage capacity.. The depth of a trailer may also vary and as a rule the greater the depth the greater the capacity to store luggage.


Most trailer chassis are now galvanized, which protects the chassis from environmental and road degradation. Chassis strength and load baring capabilities vary according to the size and configuration of the chassis. Some chassis are equipped with an automatic braking system, which incorporates a handbrake mechanism but this will depend upon the overall weight of the trailer design. Lightweight trailers are easily and safely operated by hand without the need for braking devices. For stability and horizontal leveling purposes some trailers are fitted with vertical drop-down corner legs, which require the user to physically lift the trailer in order to adjust the trailer level. The latest models from Trigano, Jamet and Camp-let all fit caravan style corner steadies that are less strenuous and more easily operated.


Some trailer tents have hard tops whilst other manufacturers offer luggage racks as an optional fitting. A trailer tent fitted with a luggage rack is capable of carrying kayaks, bikes and other camping necessities, while inside there is the potential to transport portable fridges and coolboxes, chemical toilets, bedding, furniture and cooking equipment. Prior to loading you should make sure you do not exceed the maximum gross weight and nose weight. Sensible loading is easily achieved with a little common sense but you won't go far wrong with the following pointers:

a) Ensure even and correct tyre pressures.
b) Load evenly throughout the trailer.
c) Observe the maximum permitted nose weight of the towing vehicle and trailer.
d) Do not exceed the maximum loading weight of the trailer.

Trailer tent loading capacities vary but can be as much as 250 kg, camping equipment may only weigh 60 kg, which is well within the permitted amount (more information available in FAQ section). See in-store for more details regarding loading.


The method of erecting a trailer tent cabin area can vary greatly, however some models from Conway, Cabanon and SunnCamp use basically the same process. This design has been in use for over 30-years and needs 2-people to comfortably cope with the erection process. With a little practice this particular method of erecting the cabin section is soon mastered. Once the cabin framework has been opened a spring button inside the telescopic poles is used to tension the canvas, however it can be difficult to get the spring button to locate into the receiving hole.

At Camperlands there is an easier way to erect a trailer tent with models in stock from Trigano, which can be erected by a single person in around 60 seconds, using an action similar to that of a pram hood. The polework and bed boards are connected together with webbing straps, so as you open the bed boards the framework deploys at the same time, creating a very stable structure. But don't take our word for it - visit Camperlands and have a go for yourself!


Exercise caution when making your purchase decision—don't solely rely on cosmetics or the allure of a glossy brochure. Instead, delve into the finer details. Prioritize considerations such as build quality, functionality, usability, practicality, comfort, longevity, and innovative design. The peace of mind derived from extended guarantee periods should take precedence over mere aesthetics to prevent potential disappointment down the road. It's the thoughtful evaluation of these essential aspects that ensures a well-informed and satisfying investment.

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