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2014 Trailer Tent Display - Now Open

The new 2014 display of new and used Trailer Tents is now open at our new premises. Come and see us soon at:

Camperlands Ltd
Vincent Works
Leestone Road
Sharston Industrial Area
M22 4RN

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Trailer Tents, folding campers and Camp-lets have grown in popularity in recent years and it is not hard to see why. Boasting higher levels of comfort than the traditional dome and frame camping tent, whilst still preserving the joys of the great outdoors, the Trailer Tent and Camp-let are particular favourites among those who have previously owned caravans and small motorhomes.

A step down you may think, yet every year, more and more people are waking up to the idea, that Trailer Tents and Camp-lets can offer genuine advantages over a caravan or motorhome.

Offering the customer an unrivalled camping experience, which does away with the time and cost involved with maintainance. Trailer Tents, Folding Campers and Camp-lets can provide a very high level of comfort at a fraction of the cost of a caravan or motorhome and what’s more, they are also far easier to tow, easier to handle and require far less storage space. Praised for the fact that devaluation figures are much easier on the back pocket.

Camperlands the Leading Providers of Folding Campers and Trailer Tents

Here at Camperlands we pride ourselves on being the biggest Trailer Tent importers and retailer in the UK. In our new purpose fitted trailer tent warehouse we display and demonstrate a comprehensive selection of new and used stock. Our stock of Trailer Tents For Sale includes many of the popular models that can be bought from camping outlets up and down the country. We are extremely pleased to be in a position to offer Trailer Tents, which cannot be found anywhere else in the UK. We are also the sole UK distributors for Camp-let and CampMaster and stock specially designed Trailer Tents from Trigano. Trailer Tents can accommodate between two and eight people and are ideal for fun family and group holidays.

Similar to Trailer Tents but not as popular due to the towing size and general handling , folding campers make use of an enlarged chassis that can be as long as an 18ft caravan when erected. The larger size allows for the inclusion of features more commonly found on caravans and motorhome's such as, 12v and 240v electrics, fitted fridges, heaters and cassette toilets, ovens, water heaters and sink and drainers. Electrics, toilets and heaters are also available for trailer tents.

The benefits of folding campers, when compared to caravans become evident when the folding camper is folded down such as, reduced height and length, which makes towing and storage much easier. The gross weight of a folding camper can be up to 50 per-cent less than some caravans. Folding campers require no pegging and take about 5-10 minutes to fully erect. Comfortable accommodation is provided for 4-6 people but this can be extended to 10 by utilising the awning and bedroom extensions.

With the introduction of the Camp-let in 2006, the customer can now buy a trailer which is a combination of a Trailer Tent and a folding camper. The cabin section of the Camp-let is non-pegging and the trailer size is the same as the average Trailer Tent with a weight of around 250Kgs.


Sunncamp Trailer Tents  


Traditional Trailer Tents based around the original Conway trailer tent design.

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Trigano Trailer Tents  


Buy a Trigano from the UK's biggest Trigano dealer. Complete range available from 2-8 berth. Don't buy a Trailer Tent until you've seen the Trigano range, or else you may get a kick from the wife! Top quality & design.

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Trailer Tents  


The Jamet brand is owned by the French company Trigano Industries, Europe's largest leisure manufacturer. Quick erect design, top quality components including Ten Cate, the worlds best tent cloth.

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Camplet Trailer Tents  


For 8 years the Camp-let has been voted best Trailer Tent by the caravan club, at the national lightweight trailer awards. Competing Trailer Tent models were judged on overall quality, ease of use and value for money. 2010 also saw the Camp-let voted best Trailer Tent in association with the camping and caravan club by the camping magazine.

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Campmaster Trailer Tents  


Unique and innovative, ultra compact and lightweight Trailer Tent. Sleeps 2-4 people, ideal for people with small cars, limited storage space and bikers on the move. Read the Camping Magazine review.

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Trigano Folding Campers  


The Trigano 575tc folding camper is part caravan and part Trailer Tent.
They offer great value and provides competition for the likes of Conway and Pennine.

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Second hand Trailer Tent and folding camper stock list  


We are always looking for used Trailer Tent and folding camper stock. Good selection of used stock available throughout the year at competitive prices. Part exchange welcome.

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If you are looking at Folding Campers and Trailer Tents For Sale and considering purchasing for the 1st time you would be well advised to do some research before hand and seek some good advice. Investing a little time and effort initially should ensure that you and your family enjoy the very best that camping has to offer and you'll feel good knowing you've spent your money wisely. We are happy to provide no obligation demonstrations on any of our new or used Trailer Tents and Folding Campers, to assist you through this invaluable process of learning. Regular demonstrations take place daily.


Within our display area we sell a combination of new and used models, from top brands including Camplair, Trigano, Camp-let, Jamet, SunnCamp, Conway, Pennine, Dandy, CampMaster, Raclet and many more. With up to 120 units in stock, our customers can benefit from almost immediate delivery. Second hand stock changes frequently, which makes it difficult to keep our second hand stock list, bang up to date during peek periods. If you have a specific interest, we'd recommend you give us a call first. Second hand prices vary from £500 up to £5000 depending on make, model, age and most importantly condition.


If you find the identical Trailer Tent or Folding Camper cheaper within 150 miles of the Camperlands showground, we will match the price and provide you with £50.00 worth of camping equipment of your choosing (terms and conditions apply). Tel. 0161 998 8523 for details.


We are the largest Trigano dealer in the UK and able to offer our customers unique models unavailable from any other dealer. We are also distributors for CampMaster, Camplair and Camplet Trailer Tents. We stock the best designs available today.