Campmaster Lightweight Caravan

Campmaster Lightweight Caravan
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Campmaster Model Range
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Brand new for 2021!

The Campmaster Lightweight Caravan has been designed to provide you with ease of use and caravan comfort, all in one compact and simple to handle caravan. With tailored to fit awnings at the forefront of design, setting up for either short stays or longer camping adventures is effortless. Explore our range and pick which Campmaster suits you. 

Campmaster Lightweight Caravan 
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Campmaster Lightweight Caravan Awning * Canopy Options 360 Degree Internal View

LC Poled Sun Canopy
Internal  View

LC Air Canopy
Internal View 
Coming Soon

LC Air Awning 1
Internal View

LC Air Awning 2
Internal View




  • After Lockdown, viewings are by appointment only. Make an appointment to view the Campmaster Lightweight Caravan - Call or email to book in. Some appointments can be made at short notice - same day.
  • Order over the phone - Call 0161-902-3020
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Offers End Sunday 11th April 2021

Campmaster Lightweight Caravan 
Offers End 4pm Sunday 11th April
 Offer Price
Orders Placed During Lockdown
Campmaster - LC1 £7,999.00 £8,699.00

Campmaster - LC2

£8,295.00 £8,999.00
Campmaster - LC3 £9,675.00 £10,499.00
All the above plus Ex-works delivery £296.00.


Campmaster Lightweight Caravan Awning Prices - Massively Reduced During Lockdown & Includes The Package Below
(See options page for details of awnings and sun canopies)
Offer Price RRP
LC Poled Sun Canopy £100 £195

LC Air Canopy

£190 £435
LC Air Awning 1  £200 £465
LC Air Awning 2 £250 £585


 As well as a discount on the Campmaster Lightwieght Caravan, you'll receive this package for free when you purchase any of the awnings or sun canopies with the caravan.
(See options page for details of awnings and sun canopies)

  Mains lead (Included with LC2 and LC3)

USB flexi light (Included with LC3)

 Trailer level (Included with LC1 / 2 / 3)

  LC awning or sun canopy carpet (Included with LC1 / 2 / 3)

  LC awning or sun canopy  SPS (Included with LC1 / 2 / 3)

  Caravan bottom skirt (Included with LC1 / 2 / 3)

Spare wheel (Included with LC1 / 2 / 3)