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Campmaster AIR Inflatable Trailer Tent

Campmaster AIR Inflatable Trailer Tent
Campmaster AIR 600LX trailer Campmaster AIR 600LX trailer Campmaster AIR 600LX trailer Campmaster AIR 600LX trailer Campmaster AIR 600LX trailer Campmaster trailer open Campmaster air Bedroom Campmaster air 600LX with optional top bag Campmaster air 1000LX trailer
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5 Year Gaurantee on all new Campmaster Air Trailer Tents

Designed from the start with ease and comfort in mind, the Campmaster Air is intended to open the joys of Trailer Tent camping to a new group of people. Combining the ease and simplicity of an inflatable tent with an ultra-compact, lightweight trailer. Whether you're novice campers or uncertain about towing the Campmaster Air will give you the gentlest introduction to both worlds and ensure you happily keep coming back for more.

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Simplicity & Ease - Trouble Free Camping for Two

If you've ever been tempted by the idea of Trailer Tent camping but are unsure about towing bigger trailers, or you're part of a couple where the burden of driving always falls to one person because the other won't tow, the toy size Campmaster trailer will let you share the load and explore more freely without undue angst.

If you're not as mobile as you used to be or are a seasoned camper fed up with faffing about with framework, the Airbeam inflatable tent will make life easy again. Meanwhile, the off-ground sleeping, luxury mattress and sealed bedroom will let you sleep in comfort and bug-free. The Campmaster Air is perfect for those who want to get into camping without going completely back to basics.

Whether you're a young couple wanting to make the most of your freedom, or an older couple ready to leave hard work behind, the Campmaster Air removes the barriers to camping in comfort by making pitching easy and towing a delight.


2021 Campmaster Air Walk Through Video

2021 Campmaster Air Camping & Caravan Review

The starting point for the Campmaster Air is a specially modified version of an inflatable tent from one of the market leaders. Specially selected for its high quality materials which combine warmth, breathability and durability. These well ventilated Polycotton Campmaster tents remain cool and comfortable on warmer days and combined with the sealed groundsheet and cotton inner helps to retain heat through the night. The Campmaster Air tent comes complete with enclosed and walled canopy for outdoor covered seating. The 2021 Campmaster Air tents have only 4 inflatable beams so pitching couldn’t be easier.

The price includes the original inner-tent and bag so you can use the Airbeam as a proper tent.

The Living Quarters

Sealed, cosy, draft-proof and carpeted - at night the Campmaster Air living area is a cosy, private haven for 2 people with space for table and chairs. But pull back the window covers and find yourself surrounded by light in a bright and airy living space for during the day. Later on, sit out under the canopy for BBQs on sunny evenings and drinks on starry nights.

Bedroom area/Sleeping area

One of the key attractions of Trailer Tents over 'basic' camping is sleeping off the ground on a warm, soft bed. And so the Campmaster Air delivers with a full double 4' 6" bed on luxury foam which cushions and insulates. Set in a zip sealed inner tent with steep, vertical walls which ensure the Campmaster bedroom never feels claustrophobic and made from thick natural cotton to retain heat and remain snug.

There are no mid-night stumbles across the campsite with the Campmaster Air with a bedside toilet chamber and private dressing room next to the bedroom.

To increase comfort and storage within the tent, there are several optional extras such as bed skirt pockets, memory foam topper and divider wall with mirror.

Cool Blue is the latest in memory foam topper technology. Keeps you cool and warm with the breathable zipped and cushioned bed cover.

The Trailer

As one of the most compact and lightweight tent trailers available, the Campmaster Air's minimal side profile mean side winds and snaking are simply not an issue and at only 1 metre wide you have no worries about going wide around bends or the trailer cutting corners. It will stay within the wheel tracks of the car in all but the tightest of Alpine hairpins.

The miniature dimensions mean there is no vision obstruction and its extreme low weight make for pleasurable towing and mean any modern road car will deal with hills with ease. Novice towers will find the Campmaster easy to handle and experienced towers will feel a burden lifted.

The minimal dimensions also mean minimal storage and the fibre-glass body can never rot or corrode. Suitable for covered outside storage, or it will take up minimal space in the garage. The Campmaster is durable, weatherproof with very little maintenance required.


2019 Campmaster Trailer 600LX

Campmaster AIR 600LX Trailer



Further Comfort



You can add further comfort to your Campmaster Air by selecting from a range of options including soft and supportive memory foam mattress upgrade or bed skirts with handy storage pockets.



  • Lightweight design 179Kgs unladen.
  • Latest inflatable tent technology.
  • Hard top fibreglass trailer with luggage rack.
  • Trailer can be end stored.
  • Memory foam toppers built within the bed.
  • Sewn in awning groundsheet – Bug and draft free.
  • Awning part can be extended.
  • Private area to take toilet.
  • Quick and easy set up.

Multipurpose, Easy Store Trailer

Versatile Tent & Trailer

Whilst the Campmaster Air is predominantly a full blown 2 berth trailer tent, the design allows 3 options.

Campmaster 600L luggage trailer

  1. Use as a trailer tent
  2. Remove a few bolts and remove the complete bed section. You now have a fully functional 600 Ltr luggage trailer for a multitude of uses
  3. Use the Air beam tent - original inner tent and roller wheel bag so you can use the tent on its own for pure tent camping

Compact Storage

Campmaster can be tipped on end for storage

This specially designed and easy to fit bracket, means you only require a tiny area to store your Campmaster. It’s also ideal for checking and maintaining your campmaster to save you crawling on your back

Easy to Use Storage Bracket

Although the Campmaster already comes well equipped there are a good range of optional extras: 


Campmaster air 600LX with optional top bag.


Campmaster air optional De- Lux Carpet

Room for an optional toilet

Campmaster air with optional end storage bracket (Factory fit)

Campmaster AIr SPS (Stone Protection Sheet




Spare wheel - 13 inch 600LX  £78.00
End storage bracket - Factory fit at time of order only £179.00
Mains light with lead and switch (bulb not included) £28.00
Awning Carpet with Bag £30.00
Stone protection sheet £42.00
Jockey Wheel £45.00
Bottom skirt \ toilet door with mirror £92.00
3 socket mains kit £49.00
Swivel hitch upgrade for solo motorcycles - Factory fit at time of order only. £118.00
Heavy duty storage cover £145.00
Insulation for storage cover £25.00
Luggage rack top storage bag £72.00
Bubble Wrap Insulation for Storage Cover £8.00
Hitch locks and wheel clamps - various models available. See in store.




Trailer Dimensions 600LX
Trailer Body Length (Not inc. drawbar) 160cm
Trailer Overall Length (Inc. drawbar) 226cm
Overall Width (Including locks, hinges and mud guards 100cm


Pitched Dimensions Length Width
Pitch size  610cm 280cm



Trailer Weights 600LX
Trailer only with jockey wheel, gas strut and luggage rack 100kg
Campmaster AIR trailer with tent, bed, inner tent,
skirt / door, mirror, pegs and Air pump
Max Gross Weight 400kg


NOTE - For solo motorcyclists there are laws for the distance from the centre of the rear wheel to the rear of the trailer. The Campmaster drawbar can be adjusted to suit. There are weight limits when towing with a motorcycle. The Campmaster 600LX would require reducing in weight and re-plating to a maximum gross weight of 150KGs. Please ask for written details.

Weight 199.00 kgs

  • Order your trailer during the NEC show - Beat the 2022 price increase - Balance payment and collection can be as late as March 2022 to suit you.
  • For 2021, trailer tent and folding camper viewings are by appointment only.
  • Call or email to book in to see the award winning Campmaster. Some appointments can be made at short notice - same day. 
  • Order over the phone - Call 0161-902-3020
  • Make an enquiry - trailertents@camperlands.co.uk 


Model RRP Offer
2021 Campmaster Air 600 LX £4,999.00 £3,999.00

All trailers plus X works delivery £285.00

See in store for full details and how to get your 5 year Guarantee on your 2020/2021 Campmaster Air.

Campmaster Package - NEC Offer - FREE
Free with all orders collected before Christmas. Still discounted to £99 if collected in 2022

  • Spare Wheel
  • Awning Carpet
  • Tent Footprint Groundsheet
  • 3 socket mains electrics kit
  • Side door with mirror
  • Bottom Skirt
  • End Storage Bracket (worth £179)


Where to see the Campmaster Air

The 2021 Campmaster Air is now on display at our store in Manchester.

To enquire or ask a question about the Campmaster Air please  email trailertents@camperlands.co.uk