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UK Motorbike Towing Law

  • Legally for a solo motorcycle to tow it must have an engine capacity over 125cc.
  • The trailer must not exceed 1 metre in width.
  • The distance from the rear wheel spindle to the back of the trailer must not exceed 2.5 metres.
  • The Motorcycle must be marked with it’s kerbside weight.
  • The trailer must be marked with its unladen weight.
  • Maximum towed weight, including the trailer and it’s load must not exceed 150 Kg. (330 lb.) or two thirds of the motorcycles kerbside weight, whichever is least.
  • The UK speed limit is 60 mph on dual carriageways and motorways.
  • Lighting regulations are the same as other small trailers.
  • You cannot tow more than one trailer and passengers are not allowed to be carried inside the trailer.

Legal requirements vary from country to country and in some European countries it is illegal to tow with a motorbike. In those counties where it is illegal towing is permitted to visiting UK citizens during their stay. We would recommend you check with the relevant authorities before travelling just to be sure.

A motorcycle/sidecar combination is treated as a solo motorcycle. A trike unit is legally treated as a 3 wheeled motorcycle (a motorcycle/sidecar combination is not!). A trike can tow up to a maximum gross weight of 254kg. All other trailer details are as per C + U Regulations.

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