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Camplair Trailer Tents


2014 Trailer Tent Display - Now Open

The new 2014 display of new and used Trailer Tents is now open at our new premises. Come and see us soon at:

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Camplair by Trigano logo

The Trailer Tents of Camplair have changed a lot since the 70s and now offer campers the comfort and look they desire today. The new Camplair range remains as one of the most affordable Trailer Tents on the market with similar prices to other Cheap Trailer Tents but benefitting from higher quality standards and a simpler erecting process.

The new Camplair Trailer Tents are entirely designed and manufactured in the factories of the French group, Trigano, who are the largest manufacturer of Trailer Tents in Europe. They represent great value for money alongside other Trigano Group brands which include Raclet, Jamet and Trigano Trailer Tents.

Although not as expensive, the Camplair benefits from Trigano's know-how and experience in all steps of production including, stitching, frame production, assembly and quality control.

Space, Light & Comfort
Light and airy awnings and under bed tent options in both Camplairs models

Camplair Trailer Tents offer space, light and comfort with 2 models available to suit touring families or long stay camping. Both have the same cabin section but the awning size on the Camplair S is 2.3m whereas the Camplair XL awning is 4 metres deep.

Both models are 4 berth Trailer Tents with 2 large double beds within the cabin and both offer the option of upgrading to 6 or 8 berth by fitting under-bed sleeping compartments. This means either model of Camplair can be made to accommodate a small or large family so you just choose the awning which best suits your camping style.

Value, Quality and Ease

The components used in the Camplair are selected very carefully to make sure they aren't just Cheap Trailer Tents but offer value for money, comfort and longevity. For example, the cotton is high quality Ten Cate canvas which outperforms cheap cotton canvasses and is waterproof, airy and has an excellent lifespan.

Because Camplair is part of the Trigano Group it utilises the Raclet and Trigano opening system which is a far easier opening system than other budget brands. The cabin can be erected by one person with the beds, frame, canvas and inners all pulling out together.

Simple 4 steps erecting process for cabin can be done by one person

This simpler, quicker system makes the Camplair S an attractive option as a weekend Trailer Tent and means either model can be erected by 1 person while the other parent keeps an eye on the kids.

Camplair Model Choice
Camplair S Trailer Tent with weekend awning

The Camplair S has a smaller, single hoop awning for quick, simple pitching. Once the cabin is erected, zip on the awning canvas, fit the front hoop and pull the awning to full height. Its quick, single handed pitching makes it a great touring Trailer Tent and the 2.3m awning offers plenty of space for long weekends or a small family.

Camplair XL Trailer Tent with large family awning

The Camplair XL has the same easy erect cabin but boasts a larger 4m awning with a side extension for kitchen and wardrobe. The additional space is ideal for a big family and the versatile front panels allow the XL to be adapted to suit the weather. Move the walls back to create a sun canopy to sit under on fine evenings or move the walls forward to give a large play space to keep the kids happy in wet weather.

Current Camplair Trailer Tents

Camplair S Trailer Tent

A compact 4 berth trailer tent with a 2.3m awning ideal for long weekends or small families.

The Camplair S can be upgraded to a 6 or 8 berth and has a cabin that can be erected single handed and a very simple single hoop awning frame so it can be erected quickly by 1 person for short camping trips.

Price (Inc. VAT)   P.O.A.

Camplair XL Trailer Tent

The Camplair XL is a large family Trailer Tent with sleeping space for 4 to 8 people and an extensive awning.

Made using better materials and a simpler erecting system than similarly priced Trailer tents, the Camplair XL has a 4m awning with adaptable front walls and a side extension for kitchen, toilet or wardrobe.

Price (Inc. VAT)   P.O.A.