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Fiamma Awning Rafter

Fiamma Awning Rafter
Telescopic roof support rafter bar Fiamma Awning Rafter can beinstalled on other awning brands
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Telescopic canopy tension rafter for wind-out awnings which supports the awning roof and is fitted from the vehicle to the front of the awning. Fiamma Rafter prevents the canopy fabric from sagging and water pooling on the awning roof in heavy rain, and can also help keep the canopy fabric taut in the centre of the roof on longer awnings.

Fiamma Rafter is designed for Fiamma F45 and F65 awnings in lengths from 260 to 550 and can also be fitted to similar awnings from other brands including Omnistor and Tristor. Telescopic Rafter is adjustable from 142 - 265cm to fit to awnings with extension up to 250cm from the vehicle.

Fiamma Rafter is fitted with end hooks to attch to rafter support brackets fitted in Fiamma F45 and F65 awnings. For other ages and brands of awning, rubber ends are provided which cover the hooks and allow the Rafter to be fitted by bracing against the awning case and front lead bar.



Fiamma Rafter is made from lightweight anodized aluminium and is supplied with wall mount brackets to store the rafter inside the vehicle when not in use. Telescopic Rafter has thumb screw tightening to lock in position.

  • Construction: Anodised and lightweight aluminium.
  • Telescopic from 142 - 265 cm.
  • Suitable for F45 - F65 - Zip.
  • Suitable for awnings with an extension up to 250 cm.
  • Suitable for other awning brands using rubber ends.


Fits to

  • Fiamma F45 and F45 L version including F45 S, F45 Ti, F45 i and F45 Plus
  • Fiamma ZIP wind-out awnings
  • Fiamma F65 S and F65 L (after 2011 only)
  • Other brands of wind-out awnings

Important: For Fiamma F45 Ti L, Zip L and F65 / F65 S before 2011 Rafter L is required. Unfortunately Rafter L has been discontinued.

Does NOT Fit

Fiamma Caravanstore and Fiamma F35 - Use Fiamma Rafter Caravanstore for these awnings