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Fiamma Kit Awning Pegs

Fiamma Kit Awning Pegs
See description for details of each part Screw in pegs with drill Manual screw in adapter is provided with kit Idela awning pegs for soft ground
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Fiamma Kit Awning Pegs is a handy new range of screw pegs, ideal for awnings, awning rooms and carpets. Made of tough plastic UV resistant material. You can screw them in the ground manually by using the unique key, which is standard delivered, or by conveniently connecting them to an electrical drill /screw driver. They are lighter than standard metallic screws, with higher resistance thanks to the new spiral design. Ideal for soft and sandy grounds and easy to extract.



Kit Awning Pegs is composed of:

  • 8x 20 cm Awning Peg stakes (A).
  • 8x 14 cm Awning Peg stakes (B).
  • 8x hooks (C).
  • 1x Peg Key (D).
  • 2x Fiammastor Awning Foot Plates (E).
  • Kit is contained inside an elegant, comfortable and resistant bag, with zip fastener (F).