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Powerpart Caravan Transformer & 3 Stage Charger

Powerpart Caravan Transformer & 3 Stage Charger
Caravan Transformer with 20A output can be wall or floor mounted Transformer and 3 stage charger wiring set up
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Combined 3 stage battery charger for leisure battery, and power transformer to provide 12 Volt DC output to power 12 volt appliances in caravan, motorhome or boat from mains supply.

Powerpart PO123 transformer is part of the BCA Electrical converters wiring system and is fitted with plug and play connection for BC17001 Relay Housing giving fast installation of complete 12V wiring system in campervan conversion projects.

Alternatively, PO123 can also be used with your own wiring and relay system and provides connection to leisure battery and 12 Volt output. It comes with kettle lead for direct connection to MCB, or fit a 3 pin plug to connect via standard socket.

Run 12V lighting, water pump, TV, radio, heater and fridge in your caravan and recharge your lead acid leisure battery when connected to a mains supply.

Suitable for AGM batteries. Lithium batteries would need to have their own onboard charge controller.

Charger / Transformer Features

  • 13.8V 20A output for DC power
  • 6A 3 stage leisure battery charger
  • Auto change over to battery power on mains fail
  • Mains input 190V to 264V
  • AC detect output signal
  • Load dependent cooling fan
  • Silent night time operation
  • High efficiency
  • Can be mounted vertically or horizontally
  • Can be used without leisure battery

Power Transformer

Provides a 13.8V DC output with 20A capacity to provide up to 276W power for your 12 Volt system. Transformer has overload and short circuit protection and is not effected by low input voltages or reverse polarity sometimes experienced when abroad.

3 stage Battery Charger

Battery charger works in 3 stages to rapidly charge and then maintain your leisure battery.

  1. On power up charger delivers constant 6 Amp if battery is discharged to boost the battery to approx. 80% capacity
  2. Once output voltage reaches 14.2V charger maintains constant voltage to top up battery to capacity
  3. After 4 hours the charger switches to 13.8V to maintain battery condition without over charging

Do not use to charge Ni-Cad or other dry cell batteries. If no battery is connected do not draw more than 20A.

BCA Universal Converter Harness

This product is part of the BCA Electrical converters' wiring harness system which vastly simplifies the process of installing or replacing an electrical system in a caravan or motorhome.

All the major components of the electrical system are pre-wired with plug and play connectors making it far simpler to build and install the electrical system in a van conversion project.