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Converters Relay Housing - BC17001

Converters Relay Housing - BC17001
Converters Relay Housing with fuse board and quick clip connectors
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Complete relay housing and fuse board to control power distribution in the 12 Volt system in a caravan, campervan or motorhome. This pre-wired unit is compatible with other components of BCA Electrical campervan converters harness system for simple plug and play installation of 12 volt system in a van conversion project.

Far easier than designing and wiring your own relay and control system, the BCA Electrical system provides all the functions you are likely to need in a campervan or caravan 12 Volt system.

Relay Housing Features

  • Leisure battery connection
  • Vehicle battery connection
  • Vehicle ignition signal
  • 1 x Vent fan supply - 10A fused
  • 1 x Oven / Stove ignition supply - 5A fused
  • 1 x Heater ignition supply - 5A fused
  • 1 x Fridge supply - 10A fused
  • 2 x Auxiliary supply - 10A combined
  • 2 x Interior light supply - 10A each
  • 1 x Awning light supply*
  • 1 x Water pump supply with "Pump Running" signal return - 5A fused

The Relay Housing is pre-wired with click together connectors so you simply purchase the connection harness for the functions you want to use, plug them in and connect to your device.

* The awning light connector is on the BC17016 C-Line Switch Control Panel available separately.

Additional Equipment

Purchase with BC17016 C-Line Switch Control Panel and BC17002 Control Panel Extension Harness to provide switch control of your 12 Volt system.

Purchase with PS306-6A-BC Dual Stage Charger / Transformer to provide 12 Volt power supply and battery charging function.

The BC17001 Relay Housing will then draw power from the vehicle battery, leisure battery or mains transformer as appropriate and provide a charging function for the leisure battery as needed.

BCA Universal Converter Harness

This product is part of the BCA Electrical converters' wiring harness system which vastly simplifies the process of installing or replacing an electrical system in a caravan or motorhome.

All the major components of the electrical system are pre-wired with plug and play connectors making it far simpler to build and install the electrical system in a van conversion project.