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Converters C-Line Switch Control Panel - BC17016

Converters C-Line Switch Control Panel - BC17016
Switch Control Panel for BCA Electrical wiring harness system
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Pre-wired switch panel for use with BCA Electrical campervan converters harness system. Provides switch control of 12 Volt functions and battery status check and includes C-Line switch plates.

  • 12V system master switch
  • Water pump master switch
  • 12 Volt Light master switch
  • Awning light switch
  • Battery status check function

Pre-wired for quick clip connection to BC17001 Relay Housing via BC17002 Control Panel Harness.

C-Line switch plates can be used with C-Line range of faceplates and backing plates to match the Switch Control Panel to the look of your 'van.

BCA Universal Converter Harness

This product is part of the BCA Electrical converters' wiring harness system which vastly simplifies the process of installing or replacing an electrical system in a caravan or motorhome.

All the major components of the electrical system are pre-wired with plug and play connectors making it far simpler to build and install the electrical system in a van conversion project.