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Made in Great Britain
Check the label. Other statements can be misleading like 'Designed in Britain' there is nothing wrong with this statement, but it could mean manufactured in China or any other country, then imported into Britain.
Made in Great Britain......Easier said than done. Fenwicks specialises in creating the best quality products we can. We support British companies and the British economy by sourcing where possible materials and packaging from here in GB from small and family run businesses. Unfortunately sometimes this means we have to source material from out side the UK.
Here is the breakdown of where we do our business.
Research & Design - Done on the roads, hills and open countryside of the UK
Chemical products - Made by us in Shropshire
HDPE Bottles (1 ltr and trigger bottles) - Made in Sheffield
HDPE Bottles (2.5 and 5 ltr bottles) - Made in Cheshire
PET Bottles (100ml and 250 ml) - Made in Norfolk
Aerosols - Filled in Cheshire
Labels - Made in Wrexham
Sponges - Made in Staffordshire
Caps - Made in Hull
Boxes - Made in Shropshire
Point of sale stands - Made in Lincolnshire
Outside the UK :-( Due to quality
Trigger spray heads - Made in Italy
Twist top caps - Made in USA


Fenwick's Awning and Gazebo Cleaner - 1L Spray Bottle

Fenwicks spray on cleaner to revitalise your gazebo or awning. Suitable for use with synthetics and colour fast canvas simple spray on Fenwick's Cleaner and leave for a short period, then rinse off to bring colour and life back to you canvas.

only £6.34
Inc. VAT
Fenwick's Awning and Gazebo Reproofer - 1L Spray Bottle

Water based tent and awning reproofer restores waterproofing level to synthetic and natural canvases that has been removed by time or cleaning.

only £11.29
Inc. VAT
Fenwick's Black Streak Remover - 1L Spray Bottle

Superior black streak remover. Fenwick's out-performs other products on the market and is biodegrable and does not contain any harmful ingredients.

Can be used for removing black streaks, green algae, road traffic film, diesel fumes and over wintering grime and is suitable for use on all materials without casuing harm to the finish.

only £6.34
Inc. VAT
Fenwick's Bobby Dazzler Caravan Polish - 1L Bottle

Keep your caravan clean and shiny. Bobby Dazzler can be used instead of waxes or polishes and is much easier to use. It creates a unique finish for cars, motorhomes and caravans that repels water and dirt making it easier to keep your vehicle clean.

only £9.50
Inc. VAT
Fenwick's Caravan Cleaner Concentrate - 1L Bottle

Safe and economical, non-caustic caravan cleaning product. Fenwick's Caravan Cleaner is a non-abrasive exterior cleaning agent which will remove all types of dirt and grime without causing harm to the gloss finish on caravans and is safe to use on all surfaces.

only £9.50
Inc. VAT
Fenwick's Motorhome Cleaner Concentrate - 1L Bottle

Specifically developed motorhome cleaning product which can be used with pressure washers making easy work of larger motorhomes and coachbuilt vans. With the addition of a corrosion inhibitor to protect the larger amount of steel work found on motorhomes compared to caravans.

only £9.50
Inc. VAT
Fenwick's Overwintering Exterior Protector - 1L Bottle

Winter treatment for caravans and motorhomes which adds a protective layer to defend against algae, mould, fungus, airborne pollutants, acid rains and potentially harmful effects of birdlime. Durable and tough the layer will not diminish in harsh weather and so will protect your vehicle until it is washed off in spring with Fenwick's Caravan or Motorhome Cleaner.

only £11.76
Inc. VAT
Fenwick's Waste Pipe & Tank Cleaner

Fenwicks Waste Pipe Tank Cleaner cleans and freshens waste water tanks and toilet cassettes. It has a powerful concentrated formula removes stubborn stains and unpleasant odours.

only £7.25
Inc. VAT