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Fenwick's Bobby Dazzler Caravan Polish - 1L Bottle

Fenwick's Bobby Dazzler Caravan Polish - 1L Bottle
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A replacement for waxes or polishes for your caravan, motorhome or car, Bobby Dazzler is simply added to a bucket of rinsing water after cleaning and leaves a protective film that enhances shine and repels water and dirt making your caravan easier to clean next time.

Traditional waxes and polishes require effort and take time to apply and, if applied over any missed dirty areas, seal the grime to the vehicle making it incredibly hard to remove. Fenwick's Bobby Dazzler easily rinses on diluted in water and is removed along with any dirt next time the caravan is cleaned.

Bobby Dazzler protects against road traffic film, slat spray, acid rain, rust and airbourne poluutants and contains algae and mould inhibitors. It is also biodegradable and safe on all surfaces.