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Fenwick's Motorhome Cleaner Concentrate - 1L Bottle

Fenwick's Motorhome Cleaner Concentrate - 1L Bottle
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Safe and economical cleaning agent for motorhomes, Fenwick's Motorhome Cleaner has all the advantages of the Caravan cleaner with the added value of being specifically formulated for improved us with pressure washers making light work of cleaner loarger vehicles.

Just like the Caravan Cleaner it does not use acids or solvents like many other cleaners and is not caustic or abrasive meaning it protect the gloss finish on your motorhome exterior bodywork and is biodegradable and safe to use.

Fenwick's Motorhome Cleaner effectively removes black streaks, diesel fumes, rust and drainage stains, algae, moss and fungus and road traffic film and can be safely used on all surfaces.

Because Fenwick's Motorhome Cleaner does not use agressive agents like other cleaners it will not cause scratching, discolouration or fading to bodywork or aluminium trim, will not damage acrylic windows like solvent based cleaners can, will not cause drying or cracking or mastics or sealants and so is safe to use on windows, aluminium trim, rubber, fibreglass, decals and logos, mastics and sealants.