Jamet Arizona Trailer tent

Jamet Arizona Trailer tent
Jamet Arizona large trailer tent for all the family Seat cushions & bed mattresses zip together to stop them from pulling apart whilst sleeping on top 2 Kingsize motorhome quality slatted beds for added comfort & support. Deluxe kitchen with running water, tap & 3-burner hob The kitchen can be used at the rear of the trailer, while on the road. Great for roadside stops Compact trailer making towing a dream for most cars Awning with roof lining, zip out front & right hand panels with doorway. Massive family awning with push out kitchen, cabin roof lining, tent tidy, wardrobe & toilet areas
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Jamet Arizona AS Trailer Tent

The Jamet Arizona AS is the largest trailer tent in the Jamet family, with 2 king size beds and a catalogue of home from home features, designed to make every camping holiday experience enjoyable and comfortable.

The comfy mattresses of the beds rest on top of motorhome quality slatted supports to guarantee a good nights sleep. The provision of multiple ventilation panels in and around the cabin area will keep temperatures in check during humid summer nights. The seated area between the beds is comfortable and a great place to socialise, play games and eat. There is plenty of secure storage space available underneath the cabin seats and in the storage box at the end of the cabin. The cabin is nicely finished with a roof liner.

All Season Defined

Unlike the majority of trailer tents the cabin and awning canvasses of the Arizona are constructed from acrylic polyester fibres and finished in a striking blue and burgundy colour scheme. It is the use of polyester that gives the Arizona the title of 'All Season'. This does not mean to say that the Arizona should or could be used in all weather conditions. To explain let me highlight some of the properties of an acrylic canvass:

The particular type of polyester used is breathable, which is essential for providing adequate ventilation in warmer climates or on hot sunny days and to avoid the effects of condensation. Conversely should the material become wet or come into contact with moisture, air will flow through the acrylic fibres allowing the fabric to air out more efficiently. Acrylic fabrics are excellent at shedding water compared with cotton, which is far more absorbent. Acrylic is also stronger than cotton, easier to clean and depending on the presence of other fibres will not stretch or shrink to the same degree. Although acrylic fabrics don't offer the same level of ventilation as cotton materials the benefits for all year round use far out weigh any disadvantages. Hence the name 'All Season'.

Fully Featured Awning

Fully Featured Awning

The large awning is extremely versatile with a front arched doorway and removable front panel, which can be folded down to form a veranda window. Alternatively zip-out the entire front wall for total access. The removable right hand side panel has a doorway and can be configured with veranda. All trailer tent awning panels are well ventilated with large crystal windows with curtains.

Immediately to the left inside the awning is the kitchen area and a handy zipped wardrobe and toilet area. The inside of the awning is finished professionally with a roof lining and zip-on PVC groundsheet designed to prevent wind and rain from penetrating inside the awning. The cabin wall incorporates two tent tidies, zipped ventilation windows into each bedroom and a zipped doorway to 2 underbed compartments. Each of these compartments can be converted into a single bedroom by fitting an optional underbed inner tent, or simply use as additional storage rooms to store camping equipment etc.

Jamet Arozona Trailer Tent Sizes
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  • Unladen Weight: 432kg
  • Laden Weight: 650kg
  • Berth: 4-6
Weight 2.50 kgs