Jamet Dakota Trailer Tent

Jamet Dakota Trailer Tent
Jamet Dakota Trailer Tent Seat cushions & bed mattresses zip together to stop them from pulling apart whilst sleeping on top 2 King size motorhome quality slatted beds for added comfort & support Deluxe kitchen unit with running water, tap & 3-burner hob The kitchen can be used at the rear of the trailer, while on the road. Great for roadside stops Compact trailer making towing a dream for most cars Contemporary style curved awning design both stylish & practical with zip-in groundsheet & good ventilation. Side & front walls will fold over to make veranda style windows, or can be removed altogether.
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Jamet Dakota Trailer Tent

Big on looks and style the Jamet Dakota trailer tent with its curved front awning wall will undoubtedly prove popular with buyers looking for something a little different. In spite of the fact that only the front wall of the Dakota is curved, somehow the entire trailer tent appears more grounded and less obtrusive in contrast to its natural surroundings.

The Jamet Dakota has youthful good looks and was born to accommodate active families and groups looking to get the most out of their camping holiday. The beautiful cream, burgundy and striking blue canvasses are manufactured from thick cotton (from 280 to 340 g/m2) canvas. The front and right hand side walls are both removable or easily configured into a veranda by folding down each panel. The front panel also incorporates a single arched doorway, which is ideal for cooler days. On warmer days the many ventilation panels will keep temperatures down.

The Jamet Dakota trailer tent provides comfortable accommodation for up to 6 people making it ideal for family camping. The cabin is made up of one 165cm and one 155cm bed with very comfortable foam and motorhome quality slatted supports. A seated area is situated between the bedrooms, which is great for socialising, eating and playing games. The seating area cushions and bedroom mattresses zip together to prevent them from drifting apart while sleeping. There is plenty of ventilation in and around the cabin to help you get a good nights rest on warm summer nights. The top of the seated area of the cabin is finished professionally with a roof liner. Once the Dakota trailer tent cabin and awning are erected, attach the zip-on the groundsheet to the base of the awning to keep out drafts, water and unwanted wildlife.

The rear mounted Deluxe Kitchen has a 3-burner hob, a sink with drainer, running water, 3 drawers and a gas bottle holder. The kitchen is great for roadside stops because it can be used from the rear of the trailer in seconds and without needing to set up any other part of the trailer tent.

 Dakota Trailer Tent Sizes
  • Laden Weight: 500kg
  • Unladen Weight: 351kg
  • Berth: 4-6
Weight 2.50 kgs