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Fiamma Caravanstore Awning

Fiamma Caravanstore Awning
Caravanstore is a rool out caravan awning canopy Roll out canopy Pull awning legs and rafter bars out of roll bar Lower legs to support the front of the canopy Locate ends of awning rafter bar in cups inside caravanstore bag Tension awning rafter bar Your awning it pitched and ready to use strong aluminium awning roll bar Rafters and legs fit inside roller bar so there are no loose parts Wall brackets available Caravanstore is low profile and can be left on the caravan when travelling
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    Fiamma Caravanstore - Europes Leading Caravan Awning.

    The Fiamma Caravanstore is the original bag awning built especially for caravans. The success of the Caravanstore can be attributed to its clever design, which benefits the user in several ways. Firstly the Caravanstore itself does not require storage space inside the caravan, as it travels perfectly well inside the caravan awning rail. When in storage the Caravanstore lives comfortably inside the Polar White vinyl bag with self-lubricating YKK Zips. Provided the caravan does not have an obstruction that might inpeed the flat resting position of the Fiamma Caravanstore, it is perfectly safe to travel with the Caravanstore installed and thanks to the Anti-Shock roller, no damage can ocurr to the caravan or the rail.

    The Fiamma Caravanstore is very well built and provides the caravaner with robust and stable shelter from the sun, wind and rain. Despite its strengths it is important to respect the weather and pay attention to the ambient conditions to avoid unecessary damage to your Caravanstore. Another advantage of the Fiamma Caravanstore is its weight and small dimensions. The average weight of the Caravanstore is just 8.3 kilo's and when closed its waterproof bag is just 14 (H) x 7 (W) cm. This makes the Carvanstore exceptionally easy to use and very quick to set-up and pack away. With very little practise you can expect to have the Caravanstore set-up, pegged out and tweaked to perfection in around 2-3 minutes!

    The Caravanstore's clever design depends largely on the large, Round-Framed aluminium Roller-Tube. Firstly the telescopic supporting legs and the arms of the Caravanstore are stored inside the Roller-Tube when not in use, reducing the overall pack size. When setting up the Caravanstore these essential supports articulate via way of a clever joint system fixed inside the Roller-Tube. The wide Roller-Tube also ensures the canopy fabric remains perfect and wrinkle-free, even after long periods in storage. The exclusive system allows the Roller-Tube to be rolled under or over, as the user dictates.

    The wall Rafter Support Kit is standard delivered and provides safe support for the awning rafters to prevent damage to the vehicle wall. No vibration when travelling and no loose parts fall out when opening the bag. The legs of the Fiamma Caravanstore can be fixed to the ground or directly against the caravan using the improved Wall Brackets supplied.

    Canopy Fabric: Cool and cheerful canopy without seams in UV resistant, waterproof and washable vinyl. Bright colours printed on both sides. Deluxe Grey and Blue Ocean available from stock. The Fiamma canopy guarantees higher resistance to UV rays. It does not fade in the sun and the absence of seams allows high resistance to water and tearing. It is flame retardant, can be rewound when damp, is light-resistant and is rot and waterproof.

    Standard Equipment: Ground Pegs. Rafter Caravanstore standard delivered from 410cm, Rafter Caravanstore and Support Leg in 440 cm.

    How to Order

    Measure the straight section of your caravan awning rail (Awning Length A) and refer to the chart below for a suitable model. Next use the drop-down (prices displayed) list at the top of the page to select the size and colour of your choosing then, simply select the quantity and hit the 'BUY' button. Call 0161-902-3025, if you require assistance.


    Fiamma Caravanstore - Models at a glance

      Awning Length A Canopy Length B Canopy Extension C Weight
    Fiamma Caravanstore 190 196 cm 162 cm 180 cm 6.0kg
    Fiamma Caravanstore 225 236 cm 202 cm 225 cm 7.5 kg
    Fiamma Caravanstore 255 266 cm 232 cm 225 cm 8.5 kg
    Fiamma Caravanstore 280 288 cm 254 cm 225 cm 9.5 kg
    Fiamma Caravanstore 310 318 cm 284 cm 225 cm 10.5 kg
    Fiamma Caravanstore 360 369 cm 334 cm 225 cm 11.5 kg
    Fiamma Caravanstore 410 419 cm 384 cm 225 cm 12.5 kg
    Fiamma Caravanstore 440 449 cm 414 cm 225 cm 13.5 kg
    Fiamma Caravanstore XL 280 286 cm 254 cm 250 cm 10.1 kg
    Fiamma Caravanstore XL 310 316 cm 284 cm 250 cm 11.2 kg
    Fiamma Caravanstore XL 360 366 cm 334 cm 250 cm 12.3 kg
    Fiamma Caravanstore XL 410 415 cm 384 cm 250 cm 13.5 kg
    Fiamma Caravanstore XL 440 448 cm 414 cm 250 cm 14.6 kg
    Fiamma Caravanstore XL 500 497 cm 465 cm 250 cm 15.8 kg
    Fiamma Caravanstore XL 550 547 cm 515 cm 250 cm 16.9 kg

    Click to download Fiamma Caravanstore Instructions