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Fiamma Caravanstore ZIP / ZIP XL Canopy

Fiamma Caravanstore ZIP / ZIP XL Canopy
Caravanstore ZIP canopy provides shade on its own OPTIONAL ZIP Privacy Room enclosure available separately Durable Caravanstore bag fits to the caravan awning rail Lightweight aluminium contructions is easy to handle Integrated leg and rafter poles ZIP System for easy attachment of OPTIONAL Privacy Room Refer to table for CS ZIP Canopy dimensions CS ZIP Canopy bag dimensions Fit to straight section of awning rail
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    Based on the Fiamma Caravanstore roll-out bag awning, the Caravanstore ZIP is a special version which is pre-fitted with the ZIP system to allow faster and easier installation of a Privacy Room enclosure than the standard Caravanstore version.

    The Caravanstore ZIP canopy is a roll-out awning which fits to the standard awning rail and is available in lengths from 280 to 500 to suit almost any size caravan. The Caravanstore ZIP canopy can used on its own to create a large sun shade or shelter from the side of your caravan. Set up is fast a simple with minimal assembly.

    Designed for use with the optional Caravanstore ZIP Privacy Room. This allows you to form a complete enclosure, or the panels can be used individually as wind breaks or to provide additional shade from a low sun.

    This product is the Caravanstore ZIP canopy only. The Caravanstore ZIP Privacy Room is bought separately.


    Video shows complete Caravanstore ZIP system including ZIP Privacy Room. The product on this page is just the ZIP canopy. The Caravanstore ZIP Privacy Room can be purchased separately at extra cost.


    Fiamma Awning Canopies

    The Fiamma canopy fabric guarantees higher resistance to UV rays. It does not fade in the sun and has now seams making it more durable and resistant to tearing. It is flame retardant, UV-resistant, rot-proof and waterproof.

    Durable awning bag

    Housed in a soft but durable bag on the caravan awning rail. The Caravanstore ZIP canopy is left in place when travelling making it easier to set up on arrival.

    Aluminium construction

    The roller tube and frame are made from aluminium. The low weight is suitable for all caravan contructions and does not effect the caravan stability when driving. It also makes the Caravanstore easy to handle when erecting or packing the awning.

    Caravanstore ZIP XL versions

    The CS ZIP XL canopies have a greater extension of 2.5m giving a larger shaded area and more space when used with the matching CS ZIP Privacy Room. They also have improved support poles and reinforced roller tubes to cater for the longer length and extension.

    DescriptionAwning Length
    Awning Extension
    Shade Area
    CS ZIP 280 Canopy288cm225cm5.6m2
    CS ZIP 310 Canopy318cm225cm6.3m2
    CS ZIP 360 Canopy369cm225cm7.4m2
    CS ZIP 410 Canopy419cm225cm8.5m2
    CS ZIP XL 410 Canopy419cm250cm9.6m2
    CS ZIP XL 440 Canopy449cm250cm10.3m2
    CS ZIP XL 500 Canopy509cm250cm11.6m2
    CS ZIP XL 550 Canopy559cm250cm12.8m2

    Caravanstore ZIP and CS ZIP XL awnings can be fitted to the standard awning rail on most caravans without additional equipment. To work out the maximum length of Caravanstore ZIP awning suitable for your caravan measure the length of straight awning rail and compare to the bag length in the specification table. Caravanstore ZIP awning should not be fitted to curved or angled rails.

    Fit Caravanstore ZIP Canopy to straight section of awning rail only

    The length of straight awning rail indicates the maximum length you can fit, but you may fit a shorter length if you wish. If you are planning on using the Caravanstore ZIP Privacy Room consider the position of any windows and vents on your caravan and where you want the awnings side panel to fall when choosing your awning length.

    To confirm the Caravanstore ZIP awning is suitable for your caravan check for awning lights or other obstructions below the awning rail to make sure there is space for the Caravanstore bag when the awning is installed.

    Standard Equipment

    Caravanstore ZIP and ZIP XL awning canopies are supplied with;

    • 1 x Caravanstore style awning canopy
    • Awning peg set (2 x guylines and 4 x awning pegs
    • Awning rail stoppers / pawls kit
    • Awning leg wall brackets

    Additional equipment on certain sizes

    • 360 and 410 length include 1 x Caravanstore Support Leg
    • 440 length includes 1 x Caravanstore Support Leg and 1 x Caravanstore Rafter
    • 500 and 550 length include 2 x Caravanstore Support Legs
    Optional Equipment

    Caravanstore ZIP canopies are designed for use with the optional Fiamma Caravanstore ZIP Privacy Room.

    You can also purchase a range of optional accessories for sue with the canopy including;

    • Fiamma Kit Hobby - Knaus Caravanstore
    • Caravanstore Tie Down straps
    • Caravanstore Rafter and Support Leg (optional on smaller size canopies)
    • Fiamma Awning Pegs kit or Fiamma Awning Plates
    Click to download Fiamma Caravanstore ZIP Fitting Instructions