Storage Covers

Winter storage covers defend your caravan or motorhome during the long month in storage. Protect your vehicle from dirt grime, bird lime and mildew with a waterproof cover or use thermal screens to reduce temperature change and reduce the build up of condensation. Thermal screens can be just as useful on site as in storage keeping your vehicle warm at night and cool when parked in the sun.

Fiamma Coverglas XXL Ducato

The new Fiamma Coverglas XXL cover is ideal for winter use as it completely covers the engine compartment.Composed of 2 detachable parts. The upper part covers all the windows of the motorhome cabin (it is possible to uncover the windshield without unmounting the Coverglas), while the lower section, which attaches with Velcro, covers the engine compartment completely.

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Fiamma Cover Premium M

The Fiamma Cover Premium is ideal to protect from sun, UV-rays, dust, pollution and dirt. Made of strong and light breathable fabric that prevents humidity and maintains a cool temperature inside the vehicle. Better cover functionality as the result of perfect adherence to the vehicle and an improved belt traction system.

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Kampa Motorhome Wheel Cover
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Kampa Universal Motorhome Covers
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Kampa Wheel Cover - Caravan
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