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Fiamma Thermoglas XXL Ducato

Fiamma Thermoglas XXL Ducato
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The new Fiamma Thermoglas XXL cover is ideal for winter use as it completely covers the engine compartment. Made of insulated material that performs extremely well at low temperatures. Composed of 2 detachable parts. The upper part covers all the windows of the motorhome cabin (it is possible to uncover the windshield without unmounting the Thermoglas), while the lower section, which attaches with Velcro, covers the engine compartment completely. Excellent for winter use. Suitable for Fiat Ducato after 06/2006.


  • Ideal for winter use.
  • Protects the engine.
  • Fitting: Fiat Ducato after 06/2006.
  • Colour: Polar white.