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Storage Covers

Winter storage covers defend your caravan or motorhome during the long month in storage. Protect your vehicle from dirt grime, bird lime and mildew with a waterproof cover or use thermal screens to reduce temperature change and reduce the build up of condensation. Thermal screens can be just as useful on site as in storage keeping your vehicle warm at night and cool when parked in the sun.

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Breathable Campervan Storage Cover inc VW Camper

Protective, breathable storage cover for campervans and small van conversions including VW T3, T4 and T5, Mazda Bongo, Mitsubishi Delica, Mercedes Vito and Viano and similar models including pop-top, high top, short and long wheel base versions.

Protect your van from the elements as well as making it a less obvious target for thieves.

Our Price (Inc. VAT)   £99.98
View Breathable Campervan Storage Cover inc VW Camper

Caravan Hitch Cover

Durable 300D material with elastic toggles and a custom kit. Great value.

Our Price (Inc. VAT)   £17.50
View Caravan Hitch Cover

Crusader CoverPro 4 Layers Caravan Storage Cover

4 Layer waterproof and breathable storage cover with Premium features available in a range of sizes to suit Caravans with 12 ft to 25ft body length. Protect your caravan while in storage and over winter to guard against damp, dirt and stains and prevent degradation of panels and seals.

Prices From £0.00

Exterior Thermal Screen - Sprinter / Crafter 2006 to 2014

These external screens offer protection against weather damage and provide internal privacy.

Due to their superb thermal insulation they are ideal for use in during the colder months.

Suitable for Mercedes Sprinter and VW Crafter from 05/2006 to 04/2014.

Our Price (Inc. VAT)   £77.95
View Exterior Thermal Screen - Sprinter / Crafter 2006 to 2014

Fiamma Cover Top Motorhome Cover

The best solution for protecting your motorhome. Sturdy and hardwearing cover made from UV resistant, heavy duty vinyl to protect the motorhome from dirt, the sun and tree sap etc.

Our Price (Inc. VAT)   £84.95
View Fiamma Cover Top Motorhome Cover

Fiamma Coverglas XL Ducato

Fiamma Coverglas XL Ducato is excellent for summer use as it blocks out the sun and protects from UV rays. It also improves privacy and keeps the windshield clean.

Our Price (Inc. VAT)   £94.00
View Fiamma Coverglas XL Ducato

Fiamma Coverglas XXL Ducato

The new Fiamma Coverglas XXL cover is ideal for winter use as it completely covers the engine compartment.Composed of 2 detachable parts. The upper part covers all the windows of the motorhome cabin (it is possible to uncover the windshield without unmounting the Coverglas), while the lower section, which attaches with Velcro, covers the engine compartment completely.

Our Price (Inc. VAT)   £209.95
View Fiamma Coverglas XXL Ducato

Kampa Motorhome Wheel Cover

Protect your motorhome tyres and prolongue their life. UV light degrades the tyre compound leading to hardening and cracking (usually on the side wall) so you have to replace your tyres prematurely. Kampa Motorhome Wheel Cover protects your wheel and tyres from weather and UV light when parked or in storage.

Our Price (Inc. VAT)   £10.99
View Kampa Motorhome Wheel Cover

Kampa Triple Layer Breathable Caravan Covers

The advantages of Kampa caravan covers Kampa's covers offer the same function as bespoke models, but at a more sensible price. Using thier proven triple layer SFS material you can ensure that your caravan is protected against the elements such as sun, rain, snow, dust, bird lime, tree sap, airborne pollutants and heat.

Prices From £0.00

Kampa Universal Motorhome Covers

Breathable Universal Motorhome Storage Cover to protect bodywork from dirt and damage caused by sun / UV, rain, snow, dust, tree sap, birdlime, heat and airborne pollutants.

Universal design cover fits Coachbuilt Motorhomes and van conversions up to 225cm wide and 246cm high with sizes to suit vans from 5.3m to 8.0m long.

Prices From (Inc. VAT)   £119.99
View Kampa Universal Motorhome Covers
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