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Campmaster 4 Original Awning Inner Tent

Campmaster 4.  Original Awning Inner Tent

Brand New

Staff Reference L7


only £50.00
campmaster 4 Original Inner Tent

Campmaster Original Awning Inner Tent

Brand New

Staff Reference L7

only £50.00
Campmaster 4.  Original Awning Inner Tent

Campmaster 4.  Original Awning Inner Tent 

Brand New

Staff Reference L7

only £50.00
Campmaster AIR Inflatable Trailer Tent

Designed from the start with ease and comfort in mind, the Campmaster Air is intended to open the joys of Trailer Tent camping to a new group of people. Combining the ease and simplicity of an inflatable tent with an ultra-compact, lightweight trailer. Whether you're novice campers or uncertain about towing the Campmaster Air will give you the gentlest introduction to both worlds and ensure you happily keep coming back for more.

From £4,399.00
Campmaster Bed Cover Fits One Half of Mattress

Campmaster Bed Cover Fits One Half Of Mattress

Ex-Display, Like New, Freshly Washed

Staff Reference L17


only £20.00
Campmaster Cotton Vestibule

Campmaster Cotten Vestibule

Fits to Kampa Hayling 4 (must have zip across doorway)

Used - Very Good Condition

Staff Reference L7

only £100.00
Campmaster Drenthe Trailer Tent

The Campmaster Drenthe is a 2 berth trailer tent that can be towed by even the smallest cars as well as motorbieks, trikes and scooters.

The CampMaster can't really be compared with anything else on the market. If you are looking for the most compact trailer tent money can buy, look no further than the 2012 Campmaster Drenthe for your next camping holiday.

Campmaster Lightweight Caravan

Brand new for 2021! The Campmaster Lightweight Caravan has been designed to provide you with ease and camping comfort, all in one compact and simple to handle caravan. With tailored to fit awnings at the forefront of design, setting up for either short stays or longer camping adventures is effortless. Explore our range and pick which Campmaster suits you. 

From £8,150.00
Campmaster Tipi Trailer Tent

A brand new model for 2014. The Campmaster Tipi is a quick erect, 2 berth trailer tent. With only 1 pole and 8 main pegging points (plus guy lines in wet/windy conditions) it's quick and simple enough for anyone to erect single handed.

Campmaster trailer tent

The Campmaster is the most compact 2 to 4 berth trailertent on the market. Ideal for solo motorcyles, trikes or small cars they offer a tiny trailer with an unbelievable amount of living space once erected.

Campmaster Air '18

Excellent condition second hand Campmaster Air trailer tent. Comes with every thing you need. This is the 1000L Model.

360 Degree Internal View Available HERE

only £3,450.00
save 9%