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Awning Lights

We offer a range of lights for use with motorhomes, caravans and campervans. These lights can be used inside or outside your vehicle, to illuminate the inside of your awning, and to highlight obstacles and steps.

Our lighting systems work with both motorhome awnings and caravan awnings. Most of our awning lights are LED and designed to fit easily with your awning while working off a 12 volt power supply.
Fiamma 31 LED Awning Light

The Fiamma LED Awning Light is an external LED light for Fiamma awnings. Robust construction using solid painted aluminium. It includes 31 LED lamps with intense white light that doesn't create unpleasant heat.

only £52.00
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Awning Arms 36 LED Light

The Fiamma Rafter LED lighting system is composed of 4 light strips, 2 light strips per awning arm. Light strips consist of 9 LED lights, providing 36 LED's in total. Each Fiamma Awning Arms LED is carefully mounted on supports that are easily attached to the Fiamma awning arms. Its compact dimensions allow the awning to open and close without the need to remove the LED's.

only £74.00
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Kit Awning LED

The Fiamma Kit Awning LED is composed of two 10 led strip lights, which clip into the inside leading edge of all F45 and F65 Fiamma awnings. Low power consumption running on 12V voltage, with 5 metres of cable included for easy connection.

only £37.60
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Kit LED Awning Case - 50cm

Add-on kit to extend the Fiamma LED Awning Case light. This additional 50cm strip light extends the LED Awning Case to fit awnings from length 340 upwards. You must purchase the LED Awning Case starter kit first for this extension to fit to.

only £29.99
Inc. VAT
Fiamma LED Awning Case

The Fiamma LED Awning Case, is a 12v LED strip light that fits directly to the underside of F45 S and F45 L awnings. Each section is easily fed into a profile only found on F45 S and F45 L Fiamma awning. Standard delivered in the length of 2.5 m to fit F45 S 300 awning. Composed of one piece 50 cm with wiring for the 12V electrical connection and 4 x additional sections all 50 cm in length. The Fiamma LED Awning Case is fixed by pressure. A 50 cm optional kit is available. It is possible to travel with the LED installed on the awning case.

Prices from £109.99
Inc. VAT
Fiamma LED Sensor Door Light

The Fiamma LED Sensor Door Light has been specially made to be installed on the door of your motorhome or caravan and provide some special characteristics. Unlike the LED Awning Light, the LED Sensor Door Light has integrated movement and light sensors for total convenience and security.

only £72.84
Inc. VAT
Fiamma LED Step Light

New Fiamma LED Step lighting system with low consumption. Perfect for the entrance of the motorhome or caravan, to increase security and safety when using the steps late at night. Made of sturdy anodized aluminium 50 cm wide, but can be shortened to 23 cm

only £39.89
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Rafter LED

Updated LED Rafter for Fiamma F45S and F45L awnings with COB LED strips and easier wiring to the campervan / motorhome. The 12V telescopic Fiamma Rafter LED is suitable for most motorhome and camper van box awnings on the market.

only £100.00
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Rafter LED CS

Similar to the Rafter LED for F45, but especially designed for installation on Fiamma Caravanstore and Fiamma F35 Pro awnings. Complete with spring patented terminal to be easily installed when the awning is open. Made using lightweight and strong anodised aluminium. Besides the electrical connection to the installation of the motorhome where you must drill the vehicle, you can use the 5 metre supply cable with plug for connection to the lighter socket.

only £82.96
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Rafter LED F40 Van

Fiamma Rafter LED F40 Van. 12V telescopic rafter LED.

only £110.90
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Rafter LED Van

New rafter with built in COB LEDs specifically for Fiamma F40 270 and F45S 260 awnings.

only £120.00
Inc. VAT
Isabella AC adapter for LED strip

The Isabella AC adapter for LED strip allows you to plug into mains electric to run the Isabella LED Lighting Strip.

only £16.99
Inc. VAT
Isabella ClickLight 12V

Isabella 12V click light. Easy installation simply by clicking onto the awning pole.

only £66.00
Inc. VAT
Isabella Extension cord for LED lighting strip 100 cm

Isabella extension cord for LED lighting strip. 100cm

only £6.49
Inc. VAT
Isabella Lamp Flex with Dimmer 7m

Isabella Lamp Flex With Dimmer 7m suitable for any E27 light bulbs with a dimmer function.

only £35.00
Inc. VAT
Isabella Lamp shade Cube Creme II w/logo (1 pcs)

Isabella Lamp Shade Cube Creme.

only £27.00
Inc. VAT


Fiamma Kit LED Awning Case - 50cm
only £29.99
Inc. VAT