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Fiamma Awning Arms 36 LED Light

Fiamma Awning Arms 36 LED Light
Evening readin glight for your Fiamma awning Fiamma LED awning light strip Fiamma awning light arms dimensions
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A great way to illuminate seating areas and dark corners!

The Fiamma Rafter LED lighting system is composed of 4 light strips, 2 light strips per awning arm. Light strips consist of 9 LED lights, providing 36 LED's in total. Each Fiamma Awning Arms LED is carefully mounted on supports that are easily attached to the Fiamma awning arms. Its compact dimensions allow the awning to open and close without the need to remove the LED's.

Complete with 5 metres of 12v cable for quick installation. The Fiamma F45Ti L awning allows the cables to be installed inside the awning arms. When installing to F45, F45i, F45 Ti and F45 S awnings the cables are attached to the arm rails using the optional self-adhesive "Kit Cables Rail".

Low consumption, no heating and easy to install.


  • Dim. of each light strip: 300 (L) x 17 (W) x 7 x (D).
  • Fits all Fiamma awnings.
  • Power feed: 12V.
  • Absorbed power: 1.8W.
  • 36 LED's.