Reducer Connector 28mm - 20mm

Reducer Connector 28mm - 20mm
28mm-20mm reducer connector
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28mm – 20mm Reducer Connector

This 28mm rigid pipe to 20mm (3/4") convoluted hose reducer connector is compatible with 28mm rigid pipe and the black and 3/4" convoluted hose

Fits directly to 20.5mm internal diameter hose or fits to 23.5mm hose with a 23.5mm sealing sleeve.

Water System Waste Water System
Pipe Style 20.5mm Inner Diameter Convolute
23.5mm Inner Diamter Convolute
28mm Rigid Waste Pipe
Fitting Style Straight Connector
Weight 0.03 kgs
Global Trade Item Number 5060070218458
Manufacturers Part Number 81424