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Camping Heaters


Warm up your tent or caravan with one from our range of portable electric heaters, or use a powerful camping gas heater to keep your awning cosy on cooler evenings or first thing in the morning so you can always use your awning space without making yourself cold.


Kampa Mini Cabinet Heater

The Kampa cabinet heater provides instant heat when and where you need it, adjustable heat upto a powerful 3.0KW. So a high performance heater in a space saving design

Price (Inc. VAT)   £79.99
View Kampa Mini Cabinet Heater

Quest 1200W Oscillating Halogen Heater

The Quest halogen oscillating heater great for taking the chill out of the air and gives any awning or tent a warm cosy feeling

Price (Inc. VAT)   £19.99
View Quest 1200W Oscillating Halogen Heater

Sunncamp Parabolic Gas Heater - Cylinder 907

High power parabolic heater which fits directly on to Campingaz 907 and 904 refillable gas bottles. This portable gas heater will heat a large tent or awning, provide heat at an aid station, check point market stall or use a couple to heat your group tent or keep your marquee toastie warm.

Power Output: 2KW

Source: Campingaz 907/4 Cylinder

Price (Inc. VAT)   £30.98
View Sunncamp Parabolic Gas Heater - Cylinder 907

Sunnflair Platinum Portable Gas Heater

High performance portable gas heater using safe and easy to fit self-sealing gas cartridges. Easy lighting with piezo ignition and upto 1.3KW adjustable heat output to achieve the temperature yu want.

Price (Inc. VAT)   £25.00
View Sunnflair Platinum Portable Gas Heater