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Towing Aids


Caravan stabilisers reduce movement and damp out bumps when towing to prevent trailer snaking and reduce shocks trnasmitted through the towbar to the car. Camperlands stock a range of caravan stabilisers and accesories suitable for both standard and swan neck tow bars including Winterhoff, Bulldog and Al-ko hitch stabilisers.

Improve your visibility and safety when towing a caravan or large trailer with extension towing mirrors which help to extend your field of vision and reduce blindspots, a great advantage when manoeuvring or changing lanes on dual carriageways and motorways. And if you're towing a heavier caravan easy to fit spring assistors prevent the rear suspension from bottoming out.


Caravan Hitch Cover

Durable 300D material with elastic toggles and a custom kit. Great value.

Price (Inc. VAT)   £14.99
View Caravan Hitch Cover

Eagle Caravan Mirror

Eagle towing mirror is easy to fit whilst being durable and aerodynamic. Fits onto your existing car door mirror, having an adjustable head with flat lens and extended hinged arms for wider caravans. 1 mirror.
Price (Inc. VAT)   £16.00
View Eagle Caravan Mirror

W4 PVC Caravan A Frame Cover

Hard-wearing PVC cover which protects the hitch, handbrake mechanism and towing plug storage ports from the elements when the vehicle is parked or stored.

Price (Inc. VAT)   £19.00
View W4 PVC Caravan A Frame Cover

W4 Weigh-it Extra Nose Weight Gauge

Rugged and compact noseweight gauge displaying weight in both Kg and lbs so there is no need for guesswork or calculation.

Price (Inc. VAT)   £22.50
View W4 Weigh-it Extra Nose Weight Gauge