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Victron Energy 60Ah Gel Dual Purpose Leisure Battery

Victron Energy 60Ah Gel Dual Purpose Leisure Battery
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A 60Ah leisure battery from Victron Energy with a gel electrolyte. Made with high purity materials and lead calcium grids, Victron Gel leisure batteries have a very low rate of self-discharge which means that the battery won’t go flat during long periods without charge. Victron batteries also come with fireproof ABS containers, are UL and CE compliant and Victron’s worldwide 2 year warranty.

Pros and Cons of Gel electrolyte


  • When we refer to “gel” leisure batteries, these are batteries in which the electrolyte solution has been turned into a solid gel-like substance. There are a variety of benefits to this style of battery:
  • Spillproof – A solid electrolyte means that gel batteries won’t spill even if broken.
  • Maintenance Free – This simply means that you don’t have to manually top up the electrolyte solution.
  • Good Deep Cycle Durability – When compared to standard flooded lead acid leisure batteries, gel batteries of the same capacity often last a greater number of cycles at the same depth of discharge and usually have the potential for greater depth of discharge.


  • The main drawback with gel batteries is that they need to be charged slowly to avoid ‘scarring’ the electrolyte which essentially means that pockets form in the electrolyte which cannot be fixed and can impact performance and service life in leisure batteries. So too do you need to be careful you don’t overcharge gel batteries as this can cause ‘voids’ in the gel which can have the same effect as the scarring mentioned previously.


  • 500 @ 80% DoD
  • 750 @ 50% DoD
  • 1800 @ 30% DoD

Battery Discharging Characteristics

The rated capacity of Victron AGM and Gel Deep Cycle batteries refers to 20 hour discharge, in other words: a discharge current of 0,05 C. The rated capacity of Victron Tubular Plate Long Life batteries refers to 10 hours discharge. Please note that the capacity reduction will be even faster in case of a constant power load, such as an inverter.

Confused by some of the jargon surrounding leisure batteries or need some general guidance? Consult our Leisure Battery Guide for more information.

Nominal Voltage (V) 12
Rated Capacity (Amp Hour) 60
Length (mm) 229
Width (mm) 138
Height (mm) 227
NCC Classification N/A
Weight (kg) 20
Charge Cycles 500
CCA 250
Terminal Type M8
Terminal Layout Side
Weight 20.00 kgs
Manufacturers Part Number BAT412550104