Purchasing Process

If you’re thinking of buying a trailer tent or folding camper it’s comforting to know Camperlands don’t just take your money, hitch you up and wave goodbye.

This page explains the process we go through to ensure that Camperlands offers the best possible service from start to finish. Read through to understand the process or click the links to jump to the section you're interested in.

  • Before you buy
    What you can see at our displays, the service we offer and how to order.
  • Trailer Checks & PDI
    The checks we do to ensure every trailer that we sell is up to scratch.
  • Collecting your Trailer
    How long before you can collect your trailer and what happens on the day.
  • Same day collection
    How to arrange to purchase and collect your trailer tent in one trip.
  • Delivery Option
    We can by arrangement deliver and demonstrate your trailer tent / camper at your home / local park / local campsite. This is chargable. By agreeing to have your trailer delivered and demonstrated you are agreeing to all of our terms and conditions as well as the information on our C1 form + Guarantees..

For every Trailer Tent purchase Camperlands follow the same process whether you want to pick up your trailer in a week, wait to get a tow bar fitted, or you’re shopping in winter and won’t collect until next year.

From your first visit to collection, Camperlands have developed a routine which ensures all trailers are comprehensively checked and every customer gets first class service from start to finish.

Before you buy

Trailer Tent Display

Here at Camperlands we pride ourselves on being the biggest Trailer Tent retailers and importers in the UK.

Take your time to view our extensive stock of Trailer Tents For Sale with over 9,000 sqft of displays for both new and used trailer tents. You can see many popular models as well as Trailer Tents that can’t be found anywhere else in the UK.  Our indoor displays and all year round and outdoor displays from March to September.

Dedicated Staff

At your service are dedicated, highly trained staff who deal with all aspects of trailer tents on a daily basis. Staff are always available but there is no pressure selling. We are happy to let you browse and help you to make the right decision to ensure you purchase the right model to suit your requirements.

Leaving a Deposit

Once you have made your choice you pay a small deposit to secure the deal. If the trailer is second hand it is then taken off sale, and all trailers are then booked into our workshop to be thoroughly checked and prepared for collection. Deposits (See section below - "Think you know which model you want")

Preparing the Trailer & Pre-Delivery Inspection

Every new and used model goes through a thorough Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) to ensure everything is in order and it will provide hassle free camping and customer satisfaction.

We check all aspects of the trailer and awning including stitching, pegging points, zips, canvas, polework, chassis, brakes etc. (Terms and Conditions Apply)

If, during the PDI process, any issues are found they are addressed and rectified. Any optional equipment and accessories are added/fitted to the trailer and any modifications that have been requested are carried out.

All checks apply equally to both new and used trailer tents and it is this process which ensures all trailers are up to standard and gives added peace of mind over buying, for example, from eBay or privately.  Important and additional information is also provided with every trailer for your safety and to ensure you follow the instructions and get the best possible experience from your purchase. (Form C1). Instructions are also provided where available.  

What's checked in a PDI:
*See Below

All of the below checked during a PDI (Where applicable)
Side Annexe
Underbed Inners
*Kitchen Checked for Operation
Waste & Water Pipe 
*Gas Hob Checked For Operation
*Fridge Checked for Operation 
Leisure Battery
Water Pump Battery
Water Pump
12v Electrics
*240 Volt Electrics Checked For Operation
Internal Lights
Road Lights
Tyre/Wheel Condition
Tyre Pressure
Spare Wheel 
*Wheel Nuts
Side Storage Brackets
Bike Carrier
Luggage Rack
Front Storage Box 
Slatted Beds
Touring Cover
Storage Cover
Trailer Bottom Skirt
Zipped Bed Skirts
Winding Handle
Keys & Locks
Frame Including Springs & Spring Buttons
Canvas Including Stitching, Pegging Loops and Rubbers 
Window Elastics, "C" Clips, Toggles, Ties & Plastic Windows
Inner Tents & Stitching 
Roof Liner & Stitching
Seat Cushions
Backrest Cushions
Main Chassis
Tow Hitch
Tow Bar Bolts
Safety Cable/Chain
Wheel Bearings & Hubs
Braking System
Spare Wheel
Jockey Wheel
12N & 12S Wiring
Awning Extension Frame 
Spring Buttons, Pole Collars, Pole Clamps, Pole Feet & Spikes
Canvas - Stitching, Pegging Loops & Rubbers
Window Elastics, "C" Clips, Toggles, Ties & Plastic WIndows 
Roof Liner & Stitching 
Awning Extension
Awning Extesnion Frame 
Spring Buttons, Pole Collars, Pole Clamps, Pole Feet & Spikes
Canvas - Stitching, Pegging Loops & Rubbers
Window Elastics, "C" Clips, Toggles, Ties & Plastic WIndows 
Roof Liner & Stitching 
Sun Canopy
Sun Canopy Frame 
Spring Buttons, Pole Collars, Pole Clamps, Pole Feet & Spikes
Roof Canvas - Stitching, Pegging Loops & Rubbers
Side Walls

All checks carried out where applicable, as each unit is different and includes different equipment. 
*Cooker hobs, kitchens with hobs and fridges are checked for operation only and not safety. Ovens and other gas appliances are not covered or checked 
within the PDI checks, nor are they covered under guarantee. Mains electrics are checked for operation only and not safety. Wheel Nuts have to be checked within 50KM of leaving Camperlands and before every journey thereafter. 
*A C1 Form is provided with every purchase. This is for the safe use and safety of the trailer and occupants, and must be followed to avoid accidents and disappointment. Instructions on some older trailers are no longer available. 
*Terms and conditions apply to all new and used purchases


Collecting Your Trailer Tent

Booking your Collection

A convenient date and time for collecting your Trailer Tent can be booked when you order, or arranged by phone at a later date. The collection can usually be from 1 week to 3 months (and sometimes longer) from the date of placing the order.

On the Day

On collection a trained and dedicated member of staff will give you a complete demonstration of your trailer as well as offering advice on towing and maintenance to those that need it. This ensures that when you leave Camperlands you can be confident that you know what to do and what to expect when you use your new purchase for the first time.

How long will it take?

The collection process can take from 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on the style, size and complexity of the trailer and the experience of the customer. For used Trailer Tents this also gives you the chance to check the trailer for yourself and check any repairs and modifications that were requested.

Peace of Mind

Again, this collection service is the same for both new and used Trailer Tents, is completely free of charge and gives you added peace of mind over buying privately.

Once your handover is complete and you are happy with your purchase, you may pick up any trailer security devices you might need, and then settle your balance. We then hitch your new trailer to your car and do a final check on the road lights to ensure everything is as it should be.

Purchasing a Trailer Tent in One Trip

If you’re traveling a long way and want to make a purchase in only one trip this can be arranged in one of 2 ways.

Start by taking a look through the information & brochures available on our website or give us a call on 0161 902 3020 to discuss your requirements.

Think you know which model you want

If you’re confident of which model you want, you can place an order and pay a 10% to 20% deposit by phone and arrange a date for collection. We will then check and prepare the trailer for collection as usual.

You can do this with the peace of mind knowing that in the unlikely event that the trailer you have ordered is not as you expected, once viewed, on the day of collection, or you are unhappy for any reason we will happily refund your deposit. unless items have been specifically fitted to your requirements. (Deposit refunds apply only on the day of collection, once viewed,  and not if a trailer is delivered). In the unlikely event the trailer is not as expected or simply not what you expected and the trailer has been fitted out and or modified the deposit will not be refunded but we are more than happy for the same deposit to be put towards any other new or used trailer tent / folding camper from Camperlands limited.)

Not sure which model is right for you

If you’re still not sure which model is for you but have narrowed it down to 2 or 3 models, give us a call. We can then check to make sure we have the models in stock and arrange a day for you to visit.

On the day you can then view and choose your preferred model in the morning, go for lunch while the trailer is checked and prepared, and collect the same afternoon.

Prior Arrangement Only

Both of these options are by prior arrangement only so please be sure to give us a call in advance and book in. 


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