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Trailer Tent or Caravan?

10 Reasons to Buy a Trailer Tent

So, you and your family have decided that you want to get in on the caravanning and camping lifestyle. Now you are looking for an affordable unit to buy. If you haven't already discovered it you'll soon find out that every caravan owner and camper has an opinion about the best kind of vehicle. Many will tell you that their caravan is what you want or a motorhome is the only way to go; others swear by trailer tents.

The truth is there is no right or wrong answer. It's all about finding which is right for you.

If you are leaning toward a trailer tent, there are plenty of positive reasons for doing so. In fact, we have put together our top 10 reasons to buy a trailer tent over a caravan. You may agree or disagree, but here they are:

Purchase Price

There is no more cost-effective way to get started in the caravanning lifestyle than to purchase a trailer tent. Caravans are great, but they can also cost an awful lot of money to purchase and own. A trailer tent is an affordable way to get started on a budget with much cheaper buying prices and far less service and maintenance. You can always upgrade to a caravan once you have determined the lifestyle is something you want to pursue.

Licensing Issues

As the law currently stands, anyone earning a Class B driving licence after 1997 is required to pass an additional test in order to operate any tow vehicle/trailer combination in excess of 3500 kg. Larger Caravans require larger tow vehicles so can have no problem exceeding this weight limit. Very few trailer tent and tow vehicle combinations will exceed this limit. In all but the most extreme cases a standard class B driving licence will be fine.

Easy Handling

The smaller size and lighter weight of the trailer tent make for very easy handling on the road. So if you're a nervous driver or new to towing, trailer tents will provide a much easier introduction to towing than caravans.

However, do watch for speed limits; trailer tents, like caravans, have lower speed limits on most major roadways in the UK.

Smaller Tow Vehicles

The trailer tent's lighter weight also allows you to get away with a smaller tow vehicle. Where a caravan might require a heavy-duty vehicle with a large engine. Trailer Tents can usually be towed with most mid-sized passenger vehicles and small cars. There are even some small enough to be towed by a motorbike.

Ease of Use

If you are looking for a camping experience that is easy and hassle-free, a trailer tent is a good option. A caravan may look like you can park up and have everything you need but there usually limited space inside. Ask a caravanner about pitching their awning and they're unlikely to brag about how easy it is. With a Trailer Tent you simply roll the trailer into position, open and peg the cabin and they're ready to use with different models offering a range of awnings from simple pram hood style to extensive, multi-compartment living spaces.

Comfortable Amenities

It used to be that caravans were preferred over trailer tents because the larger units offered more amenities like kitchens and bathrooms. However, today's trailer tents have comfortable amenities of their own. Many models have high quality foam, slatted beds, kitchens with sinks and cookers and all can be equipped with mains electric, a range of lighting, heating, toilets and even TV and DVD.

Campsite Accessibility

One of the most important features of the trailer tents is that it gives you access to some campsites where caravans and motorhomes cannot go. As long as your tow vehicle can get to the site, your trailer tent can go with you as well.

Club Membership

Most of the major caravan clubs welcome trailer tent owners as members. Membership gives you access to parks all over the UK, but your smaller vehicles usually mean you will pay lower rates than caravan owners will for camping and you'll usually pay less on the ferry too.

Routine Maintenance

The trailer tent does require routine maintenance in order to keep it in tiptop shape, but not nearly as much as a caravan or motor home. With a caravan you've got yearly servicing, gas checks, complex electrical systems, brake checks, stabiliser maintenance and a water system to flush and clean.

With a trailer tent your biggest concerns are tyre condition and making sure to pack the canvas dry before storage.


Storing a caravan can be a problem if you do not have a lot of extra space on your property. Many caravan owners have to store their vehicles off-site, incurring a monthly storage fee. Trailer tents are small enough to fit inside a standard garage. Some people park them in the rear garden as well.

There are certainly other reasons people choose trailer tents over caravans. If you prefer a caravan or motor home, that’s fine too. The great thing about the caravanning lifestyle is that there is room for everyone, regardless of their choice of vehicles. We just wanted to let you know Trailer Tents offer a great alternative to caravans and motorhomes and it's still possible to enjoy yourself in comfort and style.

Now all you've got to do is make your choice and get out there and enjoy!

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