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Sunncamp Air Volution Replacement Valves x 2 White

A pair of spare air valves suitable for all Sunncamp Air Volution inflatable tents, porch awnings and drive-away awnings. Screw in inflation valve includes dust cap.

Fits to main beams and short ridge / storm beams. Keep a pair with you in case of accidental loss or damage on the campsite.

only £8.99
Inc. VAT
Sunncamp Adjustable Rear Pad Poles Set

Pair of adjustable height rear poles to provide a secure, tight weather seal between the awning side panel and the caravan wall. For use on Caravan porch awnings with foam rear support padding or use with optional inflatable awning seals kit.

only £18.98
Inc. VAT
Sunncamp Platinum Awning Wheel Arch Cover

Single wheel arch cover for caravan or motorhome with awning skirt attachment as well as lever action suckers and eyelets fitted to the cover so it can be fitted without having to install a rail.

only £10.00
Inc. VAT
Sunncamp String Washing Line with Pegs

A portable washing lines set with 6 pegs. The washing lines measures 6m long and has hooks at both ends to clip around any suitable post, tree or branch.

only £2.99
Inc. VAT
Sunncamp Pink Dotty Kids Sleeping Bag with Pillow

2 season Kids Sleeping Bag with pillow in pink printed polycotton is warm enough for spring and summer camping as well as use at your home or caravan.

Kids move about more in their sleep and the square shaped sleeping bag gives more wriggle room but 400g/m2 filling is enough to keep them warm.

only £19.99
Inc. VAT
Sunncamp Motor Buddy 250 Breathable Groundsheet

A breathable groundsheet to fit the Sunncamp Motor Buddy 250 drive-away awning. Place beneath your awning carpet to protect it from dirt and dampness.

Measures approx. 245 x 245cm

only £18.49
save 8%
Inc. VAT
Collapsible Water Carrier - 15L

Large, cube shape water carrier made from flexible plastic which folds flat when not in use. Complete with moulded carry handle and spout cap with tap.

only £4.99
Inc. VAT
Sunncamp Platinum Double Axle Wheel Arch Cover

Double Wheel Arch Cover works with your awning skirt to exclude draughts from under the motorhome or caravan. Suitable for twin axle caravans or large wheel motorhomes or vans.

only £16.99
Inc. VAT
Sunncamp Camping Roll Up Bed Mat

A lightweight foam roll-mat. This is an ideal cheap Bed Roll for hikers, climbers and trekkers.

The Sunncamp Camping Bed Mat is washable and waterproof. it insulates you from the cold ground and is non-absorbent so stays dry on wet ground.

only £13.00
Inc. VAT
Sunncamp 20 + 3 LED Tent Light

Compact LED Tent Light. Disc shaped light with an arrangement of 20 LEDs in a circle around the edge and another 3 central LED bulbs creating a multi-mode tent light to always give you the light level you want and conserve battery life.

Power: 23 LED

Source: 4 x AA Batteries

only £7.00
Inc. VAT
Sunncamp Camouflage Adults Sleeping Bag

Standard adults Sleeping Bag with Camouflage pattern printed polycotton shell to appela to fishermen, outward bounds and youth group leaders.

only £24.98
Inc. VAT
Water Carrier with Moulded handle and Tap - 23L

A solid, moulded plastic, fresh water carrier for the campsite with a large filler cap and separate swivel tap which allows this carrier to be lay flat or stood on end as a table top water dispenser.

only £15.98
Inc. VAT
Water Keg with Tap - 15L

Solid, moulded plastic fresh water keg with large filler cap and swivel on / off tap.

only £12.98
Inc. VAT
Sunncamp Tent Peg Puller

16cm steel wire hooked peg extractor with broad plastic handle to make it easier to get a grip and pull the peg out.

only £1.99
Inc. VAT
Sunncamp Bulb Style Tent Light

Compact and lightweight LED tent light made from impact resistant moulded plastic in the style of an old fashioned light bulb.

Single LED provides a soft, diffuse light and the convenient carabiner hanging hook means the light can be attached almost anywhere. Clip to a hanging loop on your tent or awning or use in the shed, loft or cupboard under the stairs for a simple, handy light.

only £4.98
Inc. VAT
Sunncamp Rapport Camping Kettle Blue

A high quality and large capacity 1.6 litre Camping Kettle with whistling lid suitable for gas stoves and solid hot plates.

Made from durable stainless steel with a heat resistant handle, the Sunncamp Rapport kettle has a flip lid for easy pouring.

only £7.00
Inc. VAT