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Sargent EC155/EC50 Power Management Kit

Sargent EC155/EC50 Power Management Kit
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Complete power management and distribution kit for caravan rewire or campervan conversion project. The K155A kit includes the Sargent EC155 power supply unit , EC50 control panel and all accessory harnesses.

EC155 Power Supply Unit - Includes a mains (230V) consumer unit with 1 x RCD and 3 x MCB for mains circuit protection. The in-built 150W transformer / charger provides power for the 12 volt system as well as charging for both the leisure and vehicle battery. Intelligent power switching draws power from the mains or batteries depending on availability and features automatic battery cut-off protection for the vehicle and leisure battery.

EC50 Control Panel - Provides a master switch for the 12 volt system as well as battery charge level indicators for both Leisure and vehicle batteries and has individual circuit shut off for the water pump and lighting circuits, with "pump running" and "lighting on" indicators. To conform with EMC 89/336/EEC the control panel will shut down and disconnect electrical accessories when the vehicle is in motion while maintaining charging of the batteries from the vehicle alternator.

Harness Kit - Pre-wired harness set with plug and play connectors to the EC155 PDU including cable to mains inlet, mains accessory cables, chassis and gas pipe boding conductors, colour coded 12 Volt accessory cables with insulated spade terminals for connection of accessories and battery cable with inline fuse.


  • Mains (230V) consumer unit with 1 x 30mA RCD and 3 x MCB
    • 6A MCB for Fridge and Water Heater
    • 10A MCB for space heater and additional socket
    • 10A MCB for sockets
  • Transformer / battery charger 200W 12 volt power supply
    • Leisure battery connection - 20A fused
    • Vehicle battery connection - 20A fused
    • Vehicle ignition signal - 5A fused
    • Vent fan supply - 10A fused
    • 1 x Fridge supply - 15A fused
    • 1 x Auxiliary / 12V sockets supply - 10A fused
    • 2 x Lighting supply - 10A each
    • 1 x Water pump / toilet supply - 10A fused
    • 1 x Charger supply - 15A fused
    • 1 x Space heater (FAN ONLY) supply - 10A fused
    • 1 x Permanent Supply - 5A fused
  • Relay module for automatic switching of power supply (Mains, leisure battery or vehicle battery)
  • Intelligent battery protection - Cuts off vehicle battery at 10.9V to ensure vehicle can be started and cuts-off leisure battery at 9V to avoid damaging the battery
  • Overcharge protection - Automatically cuts off charging at 15V to avoid battery damage
  • Battery charge level indicator for leisure and vehicle battery
  • Water pump isolation switch to prevent pump running when not needed
  • Electro Magnetic Compatibility - Automatically shuts of electrical accessories in vehicle when vehicle is in motion


Sargent EC155 User Instructions - https://www.camperlands.co.uk/downloads/sargent-ec155-user-instructions.pdf

Sargent EC155 Installation Instructions - https://www.camperlands.co.uk/downloads/sargent-ec155-installation-instructions.pdf

Sargent EC155 Euro 6 Stop/Start Instructions - https://www.camperlands.co.uk/downloads/sargent-ec155-euro6-stopstart-installation-instructions.pdf