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Chocks & Levellers

Levellers of different types and sizes to suit different vehicle types and axle weights. As well as motorhome and caravan levellers we alos offer great deals on caravan jack plates, grip track systems to avoid getting stuck on wet and muddy campsites and wheel savers which are ideal for prolonging tyre life on all vehicles left in long term storage.

Fiamma Level System Pro

Innovative and lightweight Fiamma leveller system ideal for the caravan, camper van and smaller motorhome. Solid construction in yellow HD UV-resistant polyethylene anti-slip finish. Use independently or together to give additional height.

only £13.50
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Level Up System

Fiamma Level-Up is multi-levelled and stands at a maximum height of 13cm high.The ridged surface has a non-skid finish, which grips the vehicle’s tyres very effectively. Ideal for large motorhomes with a maximum axle weight of 5 tons. Will not crack or break like wood.

only £19.99
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Plastic Jacks x4

Box of four individual Fiamma Jacks made in very strong, UV-resistant black plastic. Each jack has an incredible maximum load capacity of 750 kg and the wide jack base, provides stable and reliable support for almost any application.

only £29.99
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Plates Jack Pads

Set of 4 anti-sinking plates designed for motorhome and caravan corner steady stabilisers. Essential kit for avoiding sinking into wet and soft soil.

only £10.99
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Plates Pro Jack Pads

A set of 4 strong anti-sinking plates designed for motorhome and caravan corner steadies. Essential kit for avoiding sinking into wet and soft soil

only £11.95
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Wheel Saver Cradle

The Fiamma Wheel Saver has been specifically designed to prevent the deforming of caravan and motorhome tyres, which can occur during long periods of parking. In addition the cradle prevents the wheels from making direct contact with the ground surface, a leading cause of tyre degradation

only £13.00
Inc. VAT
Kampa Lunar Caravan Jack Pads

Set of 4 caravan jack pads. Made from extra strong Polypropylene Kampa Lunar jack pads provide a more secure base for your caravan wind down steadies.

only £6.50
Inc. VAT
Kampa Pro Pads - Caravan Jack Feet

Pack of 4 x stabilising feet for Caravan wind-down corner steadies. The Kampa Pro Pads provide a larger platform area to prevent slipping or sinkage and are secured to the caravan with metal pins with R clips to ensure they never fall off or go missing.

only £7.00
Inc. VAT
Kojack Twin Axle Hydraulic Jack and Levelling Aid

Kojak Twin Axle Hydraulic Jack and Levelling Aid

only £109.99
Inc. VAT
Streetwize Black Plastic Wheel Chock

Make sure your caravan stays where you have left it! Black plastic wheel chock with handle for caravan and trailer.

only £2.99
Inc. VAT
W4 Target level

W4 target level for levelling out caravans and motorhomes.

only £3.25
Inc. VAT


Fiamma Anti-Slip Plate
only £2.99
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Aluminium Jacks x4
only £54.95
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Anti-Skid System
only £13.49
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Kit Level Up
only £25.99
Inc. VAT