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Fiamma Mud Flap Rear Ducato

Fiamma Mud Flap Rear Ducato
Fiamma Mud Flap Rear reduces spray & splashes Use more mudflaps to create continuous wall Traditional mud flap traps dirt and deflect it back to the tyre ot be kicked up again. Fiamma Mud flap reduces kick up and spray but allows dirt through Fiamma Rear Mud Flap dimensions
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Mud Flap Rear from Fiamma is suitable for easy installation on the rear panel of the motorhome. Made in sturdy but flexible foam rubber material, standard delivered with a painted steel bracket for installation on the rear panel of most motorhomes. You can use multiple Fiamma Mud Flap Rear at the same time to create a continuous wall at the end of the motorhome.


  • Dimensions: 30 x 30 cm.
  • Weight: 560 gr. each.
  • Material: Flexible foam rubber.