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Elsan Organic Toilet Fluid & Rinse - 2L

Elsan Organic Toilet Fluid & Rinse - 2L
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Elsan Organic toilet fluid has been developed using biological technology which works in a completely different way to conventional toilet fluids.

By dissolving waste and removing odours naturally, the chemical smell that has long been associated with caravan toilets has at last been eliminated and replaced with a delightful mild fragrance.

  • Biological Technology
  • For use in flush tanks & waste tanks
  • Safe for septic tanks, waste digesters & reed beds

Elsan Organic can be used in flush and waste tanks and is safe if emptied into a septic tank or waste digester. It is effective in hard and soft water areas and includes scale inhibitors to prevent the build up of toilet waste in your tank system. Elsan Organic will not harm seals or moving parts

Because it is environmentally safe and free from harsh chemicals, not only will Organic make your toilet a better place, but you’ll be doing your bit for the environment too.

Use 30ml for every 10 Litres of water