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Coleman tents - features guide

WeatherTec™ system for ultimate protection

To help campers stay dry during stormier trips the Coleman® tent range features the WeatherTec™ + system. A system that has evolved and improved over time, it utilises the latest technology and includes cleverly designed tent features to ensure campers remain protected and dry on the campsite.

Weatherproof fabric and taped seams: Water-repellent PU coated fabric with anti-wicking thread and water-repellent zippers is designed to keep campers dry. The stitched seams are taped to offer superior protection.

Zipper Cuff and inverted zippers: A cuff of material runs the entire length of the zipper, offering additional protection from wind and rain. Inverted zippers channel water away from the zipper, preventing pooling of water and seepage.

Welded corners and floors: Welding technology strengthens tent floors and avoids the incidence of needle holes. Welded floor seams are stronger than traditional sewn floor seams, providing resistance and tent longevity.

Redesigned poles to anchor tents: Tent poles are engineered to be stronger and more wind responsive. Strategically placed guylines support the pole, helping to anchor the tent and improve its performance in stormier conditions.

UV Pro™: Offers fabric protection from UV rays and increased fabric longevity.

Wrapflex™ poles: Fibreglass poles finished with a polyester film for added strength and durability.

Steel poles: Steel poles are incredibly sturdy and hardwearing, and offer increased strength for larger family tent structures.

Aluminium poles: Aluminium poles are strong and resilient, offering a higher tensile strength with a lighter weight.

Scandium Air Hercules poles: Incredibly lightweight and strong, offering an exceptional tensile strength for their size and weight.


AirFlo™ Ventilation System

In climates where there is a high level of humidity, condensation can occur. The optimum method of reducing condensation is improved ventilation. Coleman® designers have spent time developing a specific ventilation system for family and touring tents. The AirFlo™ system allows cool air to enter through adjustable flaps and warm air to leave through top or side vents, creating optimum airflow.

The Airflo™ system is fully adjustable and features larger ventilation panels to cope with the volume of air in family and touring tents.

Variflo™ System

Poor or inefficient ventilation in backpacking tents can quickly become a source of discomfort due to the effects of condensation. The most efficient type of ventilation allows cold air to enter the tent at the bottom and to leave through the top, creating optimum airflow.

Variflo™ reduces condensation by controlling the airflow and temperature from inside the tent. Optimally placed vents are fully adjustable so campers have greater control over internal conditions when they need it. Simple but effective ventilation.


Area Management™ System

Many Coleman® tents are designed to resemble a home from home, giving campers the space, comfort and privacy for a more relaxing break. They feature living and sleeping areas with space suitable for storage. The ultimate in family camping comfort and convenience.

In addition to comfort, these tents offer practical features including storage pockets, hooks for hanging lights and organisers. Conveniently, many Coleman® tents feature a thermo-electric cord vent to connect a TE cooler to an outdoor power supply.

Fire retardant

For added safety, Coleman® tent fabrics are fire retardant. The fire retardant process ensures that the fabric will not flare dangerously out of control and will self-extinguish, giving time to escape.

Easy Set Up System

Spend as little time as possible setting up Coleman® tents thanks to the Easy Set Up system. Every Coleman® tent design is carefully considered at every stage to ensure that it is quick and easy to set-up at the campsite. All tents include features designed to take the hassle out of tent erection.

Colour coding: Coleman® tents feature colour coded poles and pole sleeves, in addition to inner room colour coding, making tent set-up simple first time. Essential when setting up large family tents.

Buckle adjusters: Allow effortless pole insertion. Loosen the buckle to insert the pole and then pull the webbing as desired to tighten the tent.

Continuous pole sleeves: Quick-pitch pole sleeves for quick and easy set up.

Up-in-one pitching: Many tents feature up-in one pitching. The inner is pre-attached to the flysheet, allowing a quicker set-up.


Coleman tent categories

Coleman® Premium: Combining the finest quality components with a wealth of inspired and practical features, these tents have everything for a family camping adventure.

Coleman® Comfort Deluxe: With high quality fabrics, convenient features and fully integrated bath-tub style groundsheets, Coleman® Comfort Deluxe tents provide all-round comfort for the family.

Coleman® Comfort Plus: These easy to pitch tents include a rising groundsheet to keep the weather out. It offers increased ventilation and can be rolled up and kept separate from the flysheet and bedrooms if it becomes dirty.

Coleman® Comfort: These tents are ideal for active, multi-stop camping. They can be pitched and packed away in minutes and have small pack sizes for travelling convenience.

Coleman® Adventure: Lightweight tents with small pack sizes and high performance materials that will exceed expectations even in the harshest conditions.

Coleman sleeping bags for guaranteed warmth

An excellent night’s sleep starts with Coleman®. Underneath the soft and comforting exterior lies high performance insulation and clever constructions to ensure comfort and warmth the whole night long.

Temperature Ratings

The definitions provided in the European Standard (EN 13537-4.3.3) Mannequin Methodology are:

Comfort: Temperature calculated for a standard woman* who is not feeling cold (no shivering) and in a relaxed posture.

Limit: Temperature calculated for a standard man* in situation of fighting against the cold (posture is rolled up inside the sleeping bag), but in thermal equilibrium and not feeling cold (no shivering).

Extreme: Temperature calculated for a standard woman* in a situation of high cold stress and at risk of hypothermia.

* Standard woman: 25 years old, 60kg, 1.60m, 1.62m2 * Standard man: 25 years old, 70kg, 1.73m, 1.83m2

Coletherm®: Exclusive to Coleman®, Coletherm® is a synthetic material with hollow fibres that create pockets of air. The structure of the hollow fibre filaments traps a greater amount of air, improving the loft and temperature performance of the sleeping bag. The air pockets retain body heat and reduce convective heat loss, keeping in warmth. Machine washing does not affect its performance.

Coletherm® Micro: Coletherm® Micro has been specifically created for Coleman®. This high performance synthetic insulation is very light and compressible, resulting in extremely compact pack sizes for easy carrying. It is a bonded micro fibre insulation that works by trapping air around the fibre for a more effective performance. It offers a great heat to weight ratio and has reduced fibre migration, so no cold spots.


EasySleep™ System for ultimate comfort

In order to ensure a more comfortable night’s sleep Coleman® sleeping bags feature the Easy Sleep™ system, incorporating clever solutions to ensure comfort and warmth throughout the night.

ZipPlow™: The ZipPlow™ prevents zipper snags by ploughing fabric away from the zipper. Avoiding both snagged material and zipper teeth damage.

Thermo collar: The thermo collar is an additional baffle of insulation in the shoulder area that minimises heat loss and provides added protection from the cold.

Auto-lock zipper: When the zipper closes, it locks in place and does not open while sleeping, ensuring that it only moves when intended.

Pillow pocket: A soft flannel pocket that holds a pillow and secures it in place, offering a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Comfort Cuff™: Surrounds the face with softness.

Thermolock™ zipper baffle: A baffle of insulation runs down the length of the zipper reducing heat loss.

3D foot area: For more room and comfort while sleeping.

Security pocket: Keep valuables close by while sleeping.

Not all sleeping bags carry all features


Campingaz CV 470 Plus Gas Cartridge

Easy Click gas cartridges for Campingaz lanterns and camping stoves. Disposable gas canisters are self-sealing so can be removed and re-attached without leaks.

only £7.50
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Campingaz Insta-Clip Tube Mantle

Campingaz / Coleman Clip mantle for portable lanterns

Insta-clip tabbed mantles are extremely easy, quick and effortless to install. They enable to get the most consistent performance from your lantern.

This mantle fits to the Coleman Northstar Petrol Lanterns.

only £5.99
Inc. VAT
Coleman C300 Gas Cartridge

Coleman C300 Performance gas cartridge with screw fitting containing 240g Butane/Propane cartridge.

only £8.50
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Coleman C500 Cartridge

440g Butane/Propane Cartridge with screw fitting. IN STORE ONLY

only £9.90
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Coleman Insta-Clip Sock Mantle

Pack of 3 non-radio active Insta-Clip mantles to fit to Coleman Powerhouse and Kerozen and Campingaz Stellia R and CV lanterns.

only £8.99
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Coleman Propane 453g LPG Cylinder

100% Propane cylinder for use with Coleman propane appliances including stoves and lanterns. Pure propane cylinder works at low temperature down to -20°C and contains 453g of LPG.

only £25.50
Inc. VAT
Coleman Propane 465g LPG Cylinder

100% Propane cylinder for use with Coleman propane appliances including stoves and lanterns. Pure propane cylinder works at low temperature down to -20°C and contains 465g of LPG.

only £25.50
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Large Mantle - Campingaz

Do not contain any asbestos or radioactive materials. Pack of 3 Campingaz mantles.

only £5.99
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Small Mantle Campingaz

Do not contain any asbestos or radioactive materials. Pack of 3 mantles

only £17.06
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Campingaz Butane Gas Bottles

Campingaz bottles are distributed worldwide and widely available across Europe and so are the most common gas bottle used for camping trips on the continent.

The 907 bottle size is available from Camperlands as either a new bottle purchase or a refill / exchange for your existing bottle.

From £37.00
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In Store Only