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Numax XDT30MF Tubular Plate Leisure Battery - 115 Ahour

An extra deep cycle leisure battery designed to give maximum performance for frequent use with minimal electrical hookup. Tubular plate technology allows greater depth of discharge while maintaining 1000+ discharge cycle life.

only £225.00
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Powerpart Caravan Transformer & 3 Stage Charger

Caravan power unit transformer converts 230V AC input to DC output to run your caravan 12V system.

Powerpart PO123 provides up to 20A / 276W output and includes battery recharge function.

only £169.99
Inc. VAT
Powerpart 10 Amp Transformer & Battery Charger

Mains to 12V caravan transformer. The PS167 can be floor or bulkhead mounted to provide a 12V supply to recharge your battery and run 12V appliances from a mains 230V AC power source in a caravan, motorhome or boat.

only £115.00
Inc. VAT
Converters Relay Housing - BC17001

Complete relay housing and fuse board to control power distribution in the 12 Volt system in a caravan, campervan or motorhome. This pre-wired unit is compatible with other components of BCA Electrical campervan converters harness system for simple plug and play installation of 12 volt system in a van conversion project.

only £89.99
Inc. VAT
Mains Installation Kit - 2 Socket

Caravan or campervan mains installation kit including all required items to install a simple mains system in your caravan or campervan.

only £70.00
Inc. VAT
Converters C-Line Switch Control Panel - BC17016

Pre-wired switch panel for use with BCA Electrical campervan converters harness system. Provides switch control of 12 Volt functions and battery status check and includes C-Line switch plates.

only £55.00
Inc. VAT
Caravan Mains Electric Connection Lead - 10m

Powerpart 10m long Caravan mains connection cable fitted with CEE 16 Amp Plug & 16 Amp Coupler for connecting caravan to 240V mains supply on the campsite.

only £25.00
Inc. VAT
Streetwize 12v Solar Battery Trickle Charger

A trickle charger that uses solar energy to top up your 12V vehicle battery, providing you with an environmentally-friendly and sustainable way of keeping your battery fully charged and optimised.

only £23.99
Inc. VAT
Royal Caravan Mains Connection Lead - 10m

10m Mains Electrics connection cable for caravans, campervans and motorhome to connect to electric hookup post on campsites. 3 x 2.5mm2 conductors and fitted with IP44 connectors to meet NCC recommendations.

only £22.99
Inc. VAT
Outwell ECOcool AC/DC Adaptor / Transformer - UK

Outwell AC/DC adapter is a mains transformer which plugs in to 3 pin household type mains socket and converts to cigarette lighter 12 Volt output. Plug in you 12V coolbox, airbed pump, charger or other 12 Volt device and run it from mains at home or on the campsite.

only £22.00
Inc. VAT
C-Line Twin USB Socket

Twin USB outlet socket for C-Line modular socket system. 1 x 1A and 1 x 2.1A outlet to charge phone, tablet or other USB device.

only £19.99
Inc. VAT
C-Line Twin USB Socket - Capped

Twin USB outlet socket with dust cap for C-Line modular socket system. 1 x 1A and 1 x 2.1A outlet to charge phone, tablet or other USB device.

only £19.99
Inc. VAT
W4 Mains Inlet Housing - Rectangle White

Recess fitting rectangular housing with 3 pin round CEE form mains inlet plug for connecting your 230V mains lead to your caravan or motorhome.

only £19.99
Inc. VAT
Summit Portable Juice Bank - 4400mAh

Portable, intelligent Lithium-ion power for all USB mobile devices. Juicebank is an ideal accessory for people constantly on the go and who need to keep in touch with the cyber world. Simply charge the Juicebank at home or in the car then you have stand-by power at hand in case your portable device battery lets you down.

only £14.99
Inc. VAT
3 Way Electric Splitter

Perfect for splitting one mains lead into three, allowing you to distribute power wherever you need it

  • Great for use on camp sites or at home
  • Splash proof connectors
  • Strong and durable construction
  • Conforms to IEC60309-2
only £13.99
Inc. VAT
Flush fit 13a domestic outlet socket in white rectangluar box

Flush fit 13a domestic outlet socket in white rectangluar box

only £13.96
Inc. VAT


C-Line 13 Amp Socket
only £4.19
Inc. VAT
C-Line Circular Back Box
only £1.90
Inc. VAT