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Caravan Accessories

To allow you to take more of the comforts of home with you when out and about you can accessorize your caravan or motorhome with a range of equipment. Camperlands can supply van roof boxes, motorhome exterior and bunk ladders, a rooflight or vent system or a caravan bike rack ro enhance your pride and joy.

Fiamma Mud Flap Rear Ducato

Mud Flap Rear from Fiamma is suitable for easy installation on the rear panel of the motorhome. Made in sturdy but flexible foam rubber material, standard delivered with a painted steel bracket for installation on the rear panel of most motorhomes. You can use multiple Fiamma Mud Flap Rear at the same time to create a continuous wall at the end of the motorhome.

only £35.95
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Plastic Jacks x4

Box of four individual Fiamma Jacks made in very strong, UV-resistant black plastic. Each jack has an incredible maximum load capacity of 750 kg and the wide jack base, provides stable and reliable support for almost any application.

only £29.99
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Plates Jack Pads

Set of 4 anti-sinking plates designed for motorhome and caravan corner steady stabilisers. Essential kit for avoiding sinking into wet and soft soil.

only £10.99
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Plates Pro Jack Pads

A set of 4 strong anti-sinking plates designed for motorhome and caravan corner steadies. Essential kit for avoiding sinking into wet and soft soil

only £11.95
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Rail Premium 128 cm

Fiamma Rail Premium is a solid and robust supplementary rail with increased structure for Fiamma Carry-Bikes and other brands of bike carrier. Complete with sliding wedges and incorporated Quick Strap to easily fasten the wheels of the bike.

only £40.00
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Rail Premium S

The Fiamma Rail Premium is an elegant rail with increased structure and strength, 128 cm long. The rail runs along the Carry-Bike rail support, the wheelbase among the bikes is adjustable in both ways, enabling you to easily and perfectly place your bikes

only £58.00
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Rail Quick C Red

The Fiamma Quick Rail C is a sturdy telescopic rail that can be adjusted to the desired extension. The Fiamma Quick Rail C is ideal where space is at a premium. Rail is easily adjusted using wing nuts.

only £34.99
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Rollo-Vent 40

Fiamma Rollo-Vent 40x40 is an elegant roller blind system perfect for installing on Fiamma Vent 40 cm rooflights with permanent air flow ventilaltion thanks to integral side grills.

only £29.95
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Rollo-Vent 50

Fiamma Rollo-Vent 50 with two rollers, one dark and one with mosquito screen. Installs on Fiamma Vent 50x50 and other brands of rooflight with similar measurements.

only £58.96
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Roof Vent 50x50

Wide pantograph rooflight that opens on all four sides with convenient handles. Maintains ventilation constant in the vehicle and is now fitted as standard with mosquito screen and white roller blind.

From £84.95
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Safe Ladder Security Device

The Fiamma Safe Ladder is designed to prevent unauthorised access to the ladder and to prevent theft of items on the roof of the motorhome. The Fiamma Safe Ladder is an aluminium plate that when locked onto the ladder step prevents access to surrounding steps.

only £64.99
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Spoiler 40x40

The Fiamma Spoiler 40x40 is the perfect caravan and motorhome wind spoiler. It performs by channelling air smoothly around your existing rooflight, thereby reducing both wind resistance and noise levels.

only £16.49
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Spoiler Universal

The Fiamma Spoiler Universal is a new aerodynamic wind spoiler that's ideal for reducing vibrations and rooflight noise while travelling inside the motorhome. It can be shortened to adapt itself to the different rooflights with dimensions from 110 cm to 28 cm.

only £20.99
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Step-Mat Covering

The Fiamma Step-Mat is a new covering that fits over the surface of Fiamma Steps made of soft and flexible anti-skid UV resistant rubber it is ideal for frequent use of the step.

From £7.49
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Thermo Wall Ducato Cabin

High quality, 7 layer thermal screen to fit between the vehicle cab and habitation area of Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer and Citreon Relay / Jumper van family from 06/2006 onward.

only £145.99
save 32%
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Thermo-Vent 40

Insulated vent sheild that keeps the motorhome and caravan warmer in winter and cooler in the summer. The aluminium surface assists by reflecting sunlight and by reducing heat loss

only £10.69
Inc. VAT


Window trim end caps
only £1.50
Inc. VAT
Kampa Motorhome Wheel Cover
only £8.99
Inc. VAT
Seitz Blind Guides
only £1.99
Inc. VAT
12V Fiamma Turbo-Vent 40
From £175.00
Inc. VAT

New Arrivals

Fiamma Rail Quick Pro 128 - Blue
Added: 02/08/2020

Restyled bike rail for Fiamma Carry Bikes made from a smoother extrusion and re-profiled blue end caps.

only £29.99
Inc. VAT