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Camping Chairs

Folding Camping Chairs from Coleman, Outwell and Sunncamp

Camping Chairs which fold flat for easy storage and transport. Camperlands have Camping Stools for those wanting only the basics, and high quality, high comfort Folding Chairs and loungers for anyone wanting a bit more luxury when Camping.

Summit Folding Stick Stool
only £12.50
Inc. VAT
Vango Titan 2 Oversized Camping Chair - Excalibur
only £67.49
save 30%
Inc. VAT
Kampa Dometic Tub ECO Bucket Camping Chair - Blue
only £39.25
save 13%
Inc. VAT
Kampa Dometic Stark 180 - Ore Grey
only £70.00
save 18%
Inc. VAT
Kampa Dometic Sandy Low Chair - Fog Grey
only £30.50
save 13%
Inc. VAT
Robens Discover Stool - Red / Black
only £16.00
Inc. VAT
Vango Inflatable Chair - Nocturne Grey
only £28.96
save 17%
Inc. VAT
Sunncamp Childrens Animal Chair Cat
only £10.99
Inc. VAT


Vango Inflatable Lounger
only £22.99
Inc. VAT
Kampa Mini Tub Chair - Blue
only £14.95
Inc. VAT