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Airbeds & Campbeds

Air Beds and Camping Beds

Guarantee a great nights sleep with warm and snug sleeping bags and your choice of folding camp beds and camping airbeds. Lightweight camping mats cater to the more budget conscious camper and Camperlands also sell a selection of airbed pumps and pillows to make the camping experience a little more comfortable.

Folding Camp Beds

Get off the ground when camping and enjoy a comfortable nights sleep with a strong and sturdy folding camp beds that will keep you away from the cold ground for a warmer, more restful night.

Quality campbeds from Kampa, and Sunncamp and even the new double campbed from Outwell.

Self Inflating Mats are a high quality alternative to Air Beds or other types of Camping Mats. While they are usually thinner than Air Beds, Self-Inflating mats have an inner foam structure making them better insulating and often more comfortable. They are also usually more stable so they don't shift around uner your weight like an Air Bed can.

The thinner Self-Inflating mats make a great alternative to cheap Camping Mats as they are lightweight and have a small pack size but have better insulation and comfort. While the thicker Self-Inflating mats, some with integral head rests and side walls, make a very luxurious Camp Bed.

2 Litre Double Action Hand Pump
only £13.98
Inc. VAT
Kampa Blast Airbed Pump - 12V
only £8.99
Inc. VAT
Kampa Downdraught 2.2 Hand Pump
only £21.98
Inc. VAT
Kampa Dream Camp Bed with Pillow
only £34.96
Inc. VAT
Kampa Jet Airbed Pump - 240V Mains
only £11.99
Inc. VAT
Kampa Turbine Battery Airbed Pump
only £7.00
Inc. VAT
Outwell Deepsleep Double - 7.5cm
only £99.95
Inc. VAT
Outwell Deepsleep Single XL - 10cm
only £89.95
Inc. VAT
Outwell Dreamcatcher Double - 10cm
only £134.99
save 21%
Inc. VAT


Outwell Reel Ribbed Airbed - Single
only £26.99
Inc. VAT
Outwell Reel Ribbed Airbed - Double
only £49.98
Inc. VAT