Cabanon Venus Trailer Tent

Cabanon Venus Trailer Tent
Cabanon Venus Trailer Tent with awning Just in case of a blow out the Venus comes with a spare wheel and spare wheel carrier. 2 Double Beds - Cosy & comfortable 210 x 140 cm double bed, guaranteed to provide a good nights sleep Supplied with a jockey wheel, which makes manoeuvring the Venus very easy Wind-down corner steadies - Provide stability, especially when pitched on an uneven surface or during adverse weather conditions Deluxe kitchen with DL version - Rear mounted kitchen with two burners, grill, drawers and stainless steel sink Seating area with 2 drawers. Mattress & seat covers are removable & washable Ventilated panels reduce condensation and provide plenty of wanted ventilation It is possible to fit a single guest inner tent under each double bed Cabin Roof Liner - Roof liner fitted as standard in cabin area
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Cabanon Venus L & Venus DL Trailer Tents

The Cabanon Venus trailer tent has one generous bed and ample seating space and is ideal for short breaks or weekends, as it can be used without the need for pegging. However, should you wish to use the Venus for longer holidays, or simply require additional space, all you need to do is attach the 2.35m deep two-piece awning, which is supplied as standard. The awning can also take a Tall Annexe, by removing the side awning panel, which is great if you need to accommodate additional friends, kids or camping equipment.


Authors note: Some of the images used to demonstrate each of the Cabanon trailer tents under sections; 'Key Features' and 'Accessories' may differ in colour and specification to the actual models. Many of these images are in fact omitted from the 2009 Cabanon brochure, although the brochure offers a more realistic representation.

Venus Standard Features

One 2-berth bedroom of 145cm x 210cm dimensions, with a ventilated front window that provides views into the awning or directly outside when the awning is removed. The standard model is supplied with cabin roof lining, full set of curtains and removable mattress and seat covers. Corner steadies, jockey wheel, spare wheel and spare wheel carrier are also included as standard. The strong, steel, trailer body, has a seating area and locker storage, built-in drawers and a fully galvanised chassis. Brakes are available as an option.

The Venus is available either with (DL VERSION) or without a deluxe kitchen (L VERSION), with two burners, grill, drawers and stainless steel sink.

Venus Awning Features

Cabanon Venus Optional Bedroom Annexe

The 2.35m deep, two-piece awning is simple and quick to erect and offers plenty of space for active couples. The awning has a patterned acrylic roof and incorporates a kitchen area with large ventilated window and outside flap on the right-hand-side. The left-hand-side panel is removable and once removed, an optional Tall Annexe (see image), and inner if required, can be fitted to the awning. The front panel of the awning may be rolled-up. The awning is detachable and this enables the sleeping part of the trailer tent to be used on its own. This is particularly useful for overnight stays. The optional deluxe sun canopy can be fitted directly onto the cabin or to the front of the awning. An awning roof lining is available as an option. Supplied with patterned curtains.

Body dimensions  
With kitchen (DL) 260 (l) x 125 (w) x 110 (h)
Without kitchen 210 (l) x 125 (w) x 110 (h)
A Frame Length  
With brakes 135 cm
Without brakes 128 cm
Ex-works weight  
With kitchen (DL) 332 kgs
Without kitchen (L) 272 kgs
Maximum gross weight
(including luggage)
500 kgs
Wheels 145 x 10
Tyre pressure Min. 2.5 Bar / Max. 3.0 Bar
Fully galvanised chassis Standard
Awning size 235cm (d) x 340cm (w)
Number of persons 2-4
Bed sizes 210 x 145
Roof linings  
Cabin Standard
Awning Optional
Cabin roof & walls Cotton
Awning Roof Patterned acrylic coated polyester
Mudwall PVC coated polyester
Inner Tents Polycotton
Cabanon Venus Specifications
Weight 2.50 kgs