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Awning Accessories

Accessorize your awning with a range of storm supports and tie down kits including the full range of Fiamma Rafters and Rafter Pro. Camperlands also stock an extensive range of buckle tie down kits, door poles and rear support poles to give your awning a better seal against your caravan or motorhome.

Awning fixing kits for mounting the Fiamma F35, F45 and F65 case awnings to your camper van or motorhome. With kits available for Sprinter, Ducato, Transit and all varieties of VW camper it is easy to choose the correct adapter kit for your vehicle for safe and secure fixing of your Fiamma awning.

Add a little privacy or shade to your Fiamma caravan or motorhome awning with a range of rooms, walls and sun-shades for the Fiamma range of awnings. Camperlands stock the Fiamma Blocker and Blocker Pro side panels for Fiamma F45 and Caravanstore awnings and offer great prices on Privacy and Safari rooms.

Kampa Limpet Hole Punch

Fabric hole punch to create holes to allow use of the Kampa Limpet sealing system to secure the wall of your awning or draught skirt to the wall of your caravan.

only £11.50
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Rafter Pro (curved)

The Fiamma Rafter Pro is a curved tension rafter to fit Fiamma F45 and F65 awnings which fits from front to back of the awning (from vehicle outwards). The curved Rafter Pro pushes up the centre of the awning fabric which helps eliminate water pooling and noisy flapping of fabric in the wind.

only £46.00
Inc. VAT
Aluminium Storm Adjustable Pole 170/260cm

Aluminium Spike Adjustable Pole 170/260cm

only £14.99
Inc. VAT
Awning C Rail - 2.1 Metre Aluminium Section

C profile Awning Rail for DIY fitting to caravans and motorhomes sold in 2.1 metre length aluminium sections.

only £14.99
Inc. VAT
In Store Only
Fiamma Awning Rail 300 & 400

Flanged aluminium awning rail available in lengths to suit 3m and 4m awnings. This awning rail has a flange for fitting by screwing to the vehicle wall and is suitable for installation of Caravanstore, F35 and F45 awnings in some circumstances.

From £19.99
Inc. VAT
Eriba Weather Protection Strip

Fits to Eriba caravans and prevents rain running into the gully between the caravan and awning.

only £27.95
Inc. VAT
Motorhome Reserved A Board Sign
Motorhome Reserved Sign
only £6.98
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Kit Poles Light

Fiamma Kit Poles Light now includes 2 vertical aluminium poles, which is made using 3 smaller pole sections. Fiamma Kit Poles Light helps improve the stability of the Privacy Room Light and Privacy Room CS Light.

only £52.99
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Drip Stop Flexible Rain Gutter - 75cm Grey

75cm length of flexible, self-adhesive permanent fixing mini rain gutter to prevent rain dripping over caravan or motorhome door or divert rain from any other are such as over windows and prevents black streaks.

only £10.99
Inc. VAT
Via Mondo Aluminium Veranda Bar 170-260cm

Adjustable length aluminium bracing pole which can be used to reinforce an awning frame or prevent roof sagging on traditional awnings on caravans and trailer tents.

only £13.99
Inc. VAT
75mm Awning Pole Sucker - 19mm (3/4 Inch)

Strong suction pad to fix the pole of your awning to the vehicle wall without the need to drill the caravan wall and avoiding the possibility of damage.

Fits awning poles up to 19mm ( 3/4 inch ) outer diameter.

only £1.25
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Drip Stop Rain Gutter - 300cm Grey

3m length of flexible, self-adhesive permanent fixing mini rain gutter to prevent rain dripping over caravan or motorhome door or divert rain from any other are such as over windows or above your cassette awning and prevents black streaks.

only £29.99
Inc. VAT
Kampa Deluxe Rear Upright Pole Set

Pair of upright poles in lightweight aluminium to secure the side panel of your caravan porch awning against the wall of the caravan.

only £24.98
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Awning Skirting - Motorhome

PVC awning draught skirt complete with wheel arch cover for Motorhomes with awnings up to 5.5m in length. Fiamma Skirting offers protection against wind and rain eliminating drafts in the awning from under the vehicle.

only £70.00
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Snip Snap Rivet
Fiamma Snip Snap Rivet for refitting fiamma leg joints
only £2.50
Inc. VAT
Flanged Awning Rail Sections - 3 x 1.2m

Pack of 3 x 1.2m sections of 'C' shaped awning rail with flanges for screwing to your caravan or motorhome. Allows fitting of a bag or porch awning or a drive-away awning when used with a drive-away kit.

only £23.50
Inc. VAT


Double Edge Kador Strip
From £2.50
Inc. VAT
Ball Joint for awning poles
only £2.50
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Awning Tie Down S
From £17.50
Inc. VAT