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Extra Gas 19KG Propane Gas Bottle - EMPTY

Extra Gas 19KG Propane Gas Bottle - EMPTY
Alta Gas Empty 19KG Propane Gas Bottle
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Extra Gas Empty 19KG Propane Gas Bottle

Extra Gas 19KG bottles are available throughout the Manchester area. Extra Gas Propane is the choice for patio heaters, large BBQs and other high power appliances if you live in this area.

A range of bottle sizes are available from small to large and Camperlands offer both new bottle purchases and gas bottle exchanges in Manchester.

To connect camping stoves, BBQs and patio heaters directly to Extra Gas Propane gas bottles, use the Screw-on Propane Regulator in conjunction with low pressure hose and jubille clips.

To connect Extra gas bottles to a caravan with a fitted regulator use the Propane Gas Hose Pigtail.

The 18Kg FLT bottle is specifically for Fork Lift Trucks and similar vehicles and should only be used for this purpose. This connects directly to the vehicle without the need for a regulator.