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Whale Baby Foot Pump

Whale Baby Foot Pump

only £35.75
Inc. VAT
Whale AquaSmart Filter WF3000
Replacement Whale AquaSmart Filter WF3000
only £17.99
Inc. VAT
Watermaster Easi Slide Socket - Pressure Switched

Watermaster Easi Slide Socket /Pressure Switched

only £36.95
Inc. VAT
Ultraflow Socket to Watermaster Mains Adapter

Adapter to allow you to plug Whale Watermaster Mains Water Connection in to a Truma Ultraflow socket on your caravan or motorhome.

only £10.96
Inc. VAT
Stem Shut-off Valve - 12mm

Straight caravan water shut off valve with one push fitting and one stem fitting to connect a 12mm plastic pipe to either 10mm flexible hose or another push fit connection.

only £28.54
Inc. VAT
Stem Elbow Connection - 12mm

90° angle water fitting with a push fit connection and stem connection to connect a 12mm semi-rigid pipe to either 10mm flexible water hose or a push fit connection.

only £5.99
Inc. VAT
Push Fitting End Plug - 12mm

Stop end plug to blank off an unused push fit connection in 12mm semi-rigid pipe water systems found in caravans and motorhomes.

only £5.95
Inc. VAT
Premium 24v Submersible Pump

A Premium Submersible Pump Using 24v.

only £55.64
Inc. VAT
Caravan Whale 15mm push-fit Elbows

Whale 15mm push-fit Elbows

only £8.75
Inc. VAT
Caravan Water Tank Outlet 1/2"bsp 12mm Connector

Fits to the threaded outlet on a caravan or motorhome fresh water tank and to connect to a 12m semi-rigid pipe water system. Available for both male and female outlet nozzles.

From £7.50
Inc. VAT
Caravan Water Pipe Straight Reducer

Straight push fit connector to join 2 pipes of different diameter in a caravan water system.

Straight connector allows joining of 2 pipes of unequal size in water systems in caravans, boats and motorhomes using semi-rigid pipe. Available to suit a variety of pipe diameters

From £10.00
Inc. VAT
Aquasource Carver Adaptor EM9407

Aquasource Carver Adaptor EM9407

only £6.74
Inc. VAT
3 Way Push Fit Valve - 12mm

3 way T shape valve with push fit connections for switching water flow direction. Fits 12mm semi-rigid pipe water systems in caravans and motorhomes.

only £29.99
Inc. VAT
12mm Semi-rigid to Hose Connector

Adapter to connect a flexible water hose to 12mm semi-rigid pipe system in a caravan or motorhome.

Suitable for hot or cold water this is an easy way to connect a tap or pump to your exiting water pipe.

From £6.25
Inc. VAT
Replacement tap knob and spindle for Whale Elegance taps

Replacement tap knob and spindle for Whale Elegance taps (in white)

only £2.50
Inc. VAT