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Aquaroll Wastemaster Beige

Aquaroll Wastemaster Beige
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Wastemaster waste water carrier is a very durable product. Suitable for camping and the caravan, the Wastemaster is cleverly designed with large removable wheels for easy transportation. It has a slim body so that it fits under most caravans. Supplied with two elastic grip holders (luggage elastics).

The rigged high-density Polyethylenc container has a unique shape that gives good balance whilst transporting.

Once full and with your toilet cassette placed on the purpose built carrying platform, the Wastemaster is ready for the easy task of transporting all your waste water to the disposal point in one single trip. For storage, the wheels & axle can be removed from the carrier for cleaning & storage.

Container Style Roller Tank
Width (cm) 51
Depth (cm) 100
Height (cm) 25
Volume (L) 38
Weight 4.00 kgs
Grove Code QQ050046