Vision Plus Uni-Mast

Vision Plus Uni-Mast
Vision Plus Uni-Mast
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The Uni-Mast offers an infinite number of fitting options.

The adjustable Uni-Bracket is designed to clamp onto a number of profiles between 1 and 35mm deep such as step ladders, caravan grab handles, air-vents, awning channels or rain gutters.

Alternatively there is the self adhesive Uni-Plate which is specially designed to accommodate the Uni-Bracket. This mounting plate is used in the absence of suitable profiles and can be mounted on any suitable smooth vertical surface.

The three section aluminium mast is strong and lightweight and clips together to a height of 2.6 metre, which is securely held by the Uni-Bracket. Three clips are supplied to attach the antenna cable to the mast.

To provide extra stability in windy conditions, the top mast has a through hole to accommodate a guy line. An optional extension mast is also available which increases overall height of the Uni- Mast to 3.5m.

The Uni-Mast will accommodate all antennas in the Vision Plus Range. However the optional Antenna-2-Mast bracket allows quick and easy assembly to alternative 25mm diameter masts and allows for either vertically or horizontally polarised TV signals.