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Truma UK was founded in April 1997 originally based in Burton-On-Trent, we have since relocated to Dove Valley Business Park, an accessible development off the A50 in between Derby and Stoke. Truma UK are now an established branch of the Truma group, and from Truma UK’s Head Office, products are transported across the UK dealer and manufacturer network. Truma’s many years of experience working with caravans, mobile homes, commercial vehicles and boats are reflected in high levels of technical expertise and high quality products. Our impressive range of products include liquid gas heaters, warm air systems, air-conditioning equipment, boilers, caravan movers, lamps, valves, gas pressure regulators and a wide range of accessories.


Truma Control Panel For Teb 3

Truma control panel for Teb 3 heaters. Complete with 0.8m cable.

only £261.42
Inc. VAT
Truma Combi 4E 30Mbar 12V Electric Heater 230V 1800W

Truma Combi 4E 30mbar 12V electric heater 230V 1800W perfect for heating your caravan or motorhome.

only £2,110.09
Inc. VAT
Truma Solenoid Valve 30mbar

Truma solenoid gas valve 30mbar.

only £107.53
Inc. VAT
Truma Combi E Power Selector Switch

Truma Combi E power selector switch.

only £156.85
Inc. VAT
Truma Aventa Compact Plus Air Conditioner Complete Unit Cream

Truma Aventa air conditioner complete unit Cream.

only £2,218.46
Inc. VAT
Truma Combi 4E Cable Harness Kit

Truma Combi 4E cable harness kit.

only £186.44
Inc. VAT
Truma Teb 3 Fan Internal Control Panel

Truma Teb 3 fan - internal control panel.

only £271.28
Inc. VAT
Truma S3004 Peizo Ignitor Kit

Truma S3004 Peizo ignitor kit for Truma S3004 model heaters.

only £56.22
Inc. VAT
Truma Combi E Solenoid

Truma combi E solenoid.

only £288.60
Inc. VAT
Truma Sealing Ring Black

Truma sealing ring.

only £2.22
Inc. VAT
Truma Burner Boiler 2/3 Ultrastore

Truma boiler 2/3 Ultrastore suitable for 30 or 50 mbar models.

only £70.98
Inc. VAT
Truma Swivel Air Outlet Black

Truma swivel air outlet in black 80mm.

only £24.66
Inc. VAT
Truma Combi E Seal

Truma Combi E Seal

only £64.12
Inc. VAT
Truma Gas Filter Kit 2 Pcs

Truma gas filter kit 2 pcs

only £93.22
Inc. VAT
Truma PCB For Combi 4

Truma PCB for combi 4 from series from May 2013 to June 2018

only £314.70
Inc. VAT
Truma Filter Pads 10 pcs

Truma filter pads 10 pcs

only £17.27
Inc. VAT