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Thin Wall Auto Cable - 6mm Red

Thin Wall Auto Cable - 6mm Red
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Single core, multi-strand electrical cable with red outer insulator suitable for use in caravan, motorhome and boat 12 volt systems as well as cars and the 24 volt systems in trucks.

Suitable for use in DC electrical systems up to 60V and carrying a current up to 50Amps. 6mm2 conductor area made up of 84 x 0.3mm diameter strands to ensure it's extra flexible to route through tight spaces and corners.

6mm2 cable is most commonly used in caravans, campervans and motorhomes for battery charging cable from Solar charger or split charge relay.

Please note; the amount of current the cable can handle will vary depending on the placement of the cable within your vehicle, see our specification table for more information.

Why Thin Wall Cable?

Thin wall automotive cable has a thinner PVC insulating cover which gives it a smaller overall diameter than standard single core cable. This makes it more flexible so it's easier to route, it takes up less space and requires smaller holes drilled through bulkhead it passes through and is easier to strip and terminate the ends.

The insulator is made from higher grade PVC so it still offer safe electrical insulation but gives better heat dissipation so it can carry more current than the same size standard cable.

Cable ratings are based on a single cable and 30°C ambient temperature. If cables are grouped together or ambient temperature is higher, current capacity of the cable will be reduced.

For more information, please click here for our full Circuit Protection & Cable Selection guide

No of Cores Single Core
Conductor Area 6mm
Sheathed? No
Sheath Colour N/A
Conductor Colours Red
Current capacity (A) - Fixing Method A 34
Current capacity (A) - Fixing Method B 41
Current capacity (A) - Fixing Method C 47
Voltage Drop (mV/A/m) 7.3
Weight 0.01 kgs
Global Trade Item Number 5500009137394